Yamas: Satya (love of truth)

Before we talk about the love of the truth, let's talk about the lie. Lying goes against our because it must be maintained with a battery of minor lies to not be caught in deception. This energy expenditure psychic to hold our falsehoods form a labyrinth that we catch. Writes Julian Peragón Arjuna.


The truth, however, one is free because it requires no camouflage. Conversely, in the medium or long term the liar is discovered and ensuing mistrust. Often we call lie to a will of deception, but it is also lying when we add more of our own harvest to reality, or when we have only a portion of it, hiding the rest. There are lying when We disguise reality We do not like or when look to other side denying it.

Our language is complex and imperfect. If to this we add the doubt, ambiguity or ignorance of our hidden motivations, we have served a number of misunderstandings in communication with others. We are obliged to know well the medium that we use communication and to know just say at the right time.

A problem in communication is that we do not know the key interpretation the other, and often, either we know ours. When I say freedom or love, you can understand another thing well different of what I've wanted Express. At the same time, I can say those same words but be inconsistent with my own reality. Therefore, in a true communication, one not only expresses his opinions but also the place from where expressed them, the ideology that is behind, the experiences that have left their mark in those same expressions.

The word fair

But our veracity is capped, that Ahimsa precedes Satya, and you tell the truth without cruelty, not add more suffering to the other. There is that know in what time tell the truth so that truth has a utility: it of allow that the other can grow. Not is is, therefore, of put the finger in the sore but, rather, show the word that invite to the sincerity because creates an environment of no trial, of acceptance from where to be able to reflect together.

In this sense, contrary to rumor, unsubstantiated opinion or false testimony, the right word is one that put order and that lights up. Is is of support is in the word and its power to clarify the embrollo, to give light to it confusion. The difference between the charlatan that through its verbiage cajoles and sells dreams, and the of them wise, is that these not you say what you like listen, not are accomplices of your neurosis, but when you look and you speak, your Word has the force of an earthquake that shakes all your be. The word compassionate but strict demolish the Tower of falsehoods that have built to defend us of it lack loving, the lack of recognition or the impermanence of it life.

There are that make case to the said that us remembers that there are that have care with them thoughts as is converted in words. The words becomes acts, acts in habits, these in character and the character, finally, in destination. It is true that if we do not control our thinking, this us plunge in uneasiness in dispersion and discomfort.

To heal the word we must learn of the silence. If silence is not our true skin, if we are not formed from the voice of the silence, the word is evasion. If the words and concepts put limits, dissecting the world though it is necessary first to understand the complexity of what surrounds us, it is true that the words can disengage. If the words are divided, then is the silence which unites.

From silence one can say what is necessary, to distinguish between what can be expressed which must follow veiled. Perhaps in the understanding that the mystery not can be never made explicit for the simple reason that the mind cannot describe the immeasurablebecause they don't exist or there will be enough words to describe all the nuances of life.

Believe that the words van of the mind to the language in a road direct but we forget that previously they pass through the heart. If there are bending, hypocrisy, the word is distorted. In addition to calming the mind, it is necessary to purify the heart. The heart as the alchemical body is the only one that can accommodate each other; Therefore the word we tuning in the heart and make the edges.

Live in truth

We want to know the truth not to miss in our actions. Perhaps for this reason, the person established in the knowledge has the gift of illuminating what it finds in its path. Their actions are in connection because there is a clear agreement between what one is, what says and what makes. Therefore, reminds us tradition, which says no takes to become reality. Is capable of keeping its word. Live in the truth is be who you is, not wanting to be something else, like a flower seed becomes in itself.

Satya is also the development of a fine discrimination between truth and lie. This makes us know us better to really know our capabilities and our forces, and not so much fantasies that we we all do on our potential.

But the words have other power. They can, like a sharp sword, tear the veil of her ignorance of the world manifest to put us near it essential. And while, as said, the words not can define what is, itself can point the address adequate.

Arjuna (photo: Guirostudio 2013)Who is

Julián Peragón, Arjuna, formador of teachers, directs the school Yoga synthesis in Barcelona


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