Yoga, sexuality and relationships

The Yoga system looks for a better relationship with oneself and, at the same time, with each other and with the reality. The same term YUGfrom which comes the word Yoga, which means "Unión", also speaks of this essential unity between all the components of the known universe. Writes Juan Ortiz.


Relationships with others and with the world that surrounds us, with us they are always present. There are people that aim to isolate is and "not relate is", without give is has of that that decision is another way of relating is or evade is, without this is possible. Always are in contact with the life, and our way of relate us speaks very well of our State of consciousness or maturing internal. "Tell me how you relate and I will tell you how you are or how you are."

So relations are necessary and essential, although not always set out in healthy, understanding or proper way.

There are that say that are self-taught and that nobody we taught to relate us properly. We have, therefore, that Learn (as almost in all) based on experience and trial and error. But the question is that we learn.

We learn in our relationships, of friendship, family, social and spiritual. And We improve and transform these relations and thus improve life itself in its entirety.

I how I relate with myself

The first relationship is with oneself, and not always flows easily. Yoga is a profound Yes experience where we learn to observe and recognize ourselves and then to make experiences suitable and to take the necessary decisions to allow an inner change and transformation which allow us a better relationship with our own individual identity.

When I look within me discover that there are things that I like and that think that have learned and made and, to the same time, there are trends and compulsions that not me like much and that need transform. If I intend to become a person covered by a halo of "purity" and "perfection" but I refuse those ego structures and dark of my personality, this actual work of real improvement or true awakening will not be possible.

To advance on the road of the Yoga and of the life there is that be aware of all our levels fisico-energeticos and psychic and perform a process of conscious and constant change just as a sculptor constantly polishing his work until it reaches the final result.

I how I interact with others

The relationship that establish with them others has much that see with the way in that we relate with us themselves.

When I'm aggressive or violent, project I to the outside with the same aggressiveness or violence. When I'm happy and serene, I certainly relacionaré me with each other with more kindness and capacity to build relationships deeper and more balanced.

In this sense is clear that the practice of Yoga I harmonizes internally and also I helps to direct me to the outside with greater harmony and sensitivity.

True sexuality and Yoga

Usually is understands sexuality as the relationship physical and instinctive of them lovers, but this not is more than a part of it sacred sexuality.

So there is a sexuality full has that having a good union (yoga), a good relationship in the aspects physical, emotional and mental. And when this occurs is another possibility, which is the true goal of any sacred and profound relationship: the lighting of all the members of this relationship, the awakening of all, achieving true fullness and unconditional happiness. "I do not I can be happy if you not you're also happy".

The Yoga works on the polarity, but always tending to the unit, to the unification of the pairs of opposites and the enriching complementation of opposites.

Is clear that not has that have any type of repression sexual, but all it opposite: establish the relationship physical and energy with the greater force possible and also with dignity, respect and beauty.

I think that even experts sexologists fall into the mistake of talking only of the genital or physical, relationship forgetting that true and sacred sexuality is much broader and deeper.

We must approach to sexuality and relationships of all kinds as a meditative Act and with a meditative awareness that allows us to convert the gross is sacred and the superficial in deep.

Love and freedom, Shakti and Shiva. The sacred spiral of life

Shakti represents the cosmic energy that is current in our own individual energy; It is the sacred energy without which there is no phenomena, experience or any reality. It is the mystery of love, without which there is no release or any significance.

Shiva represents the conscience releasing that is also in our own individual conscience, we are trying to awaken and develop with yogic and Tantric experiences. Shiva is the freedom without which remain trapped by the veil of the ignorance and the false pretense and appearances.

Shakti and Shiva have perfectly go hand in hand. Yoga is the work on energy and consciousness to evolve and move forward. Yoga is also the experience of true love and true interior freedom. "Love without freedom is attachment, disappointment, slavery and suffering. The freedom without love does not have hold or realization possible; It would be like throwing a vacuum without sense and without base or carrying out any".

Love and freedom are essential conditions to allow a true spiritual development.

Attitudes necessary for the true yogic
wake up in relationships

  • Unlike that in the relations usual where I think in my benefit and you demand that you also it do, in it relationship yogic and Tantric "I work and I give to you and me interested in more your such and happiness that it mine own".
  • I have nothing or I owe you nothing. The relationship is established not from the need or duty, but from the impulse of life and own freedom and choice that makes me feel attracted and unites me to you by the law of love and universal gravitation.
  • You not have it blames of what me passes to me and I not have the blame of what you happens to you. Each Member of the relationship is responsible for their own actions and share responsibility from their own conscience.
  • Not fall in the routine and the repetition that makes that them relations will do monotonous and weak. Keep always the strength of the relationships and renews constantly it called that sustains ties vital and harmonics.
  • Care always the details as it did when started that relationship.
  • Do not use aggression, blackmail, conflict in your relationships. Practice Ahimsa (non-violence).
  • The truth and the authenticity (Satya) always should prevail in all type of relations.
  • Remember: the other or the other is not a simple personality or appearance, but a sacred being that you must come with devotion and reverence as if it were your God or your Goddess (and to some extent so is).
  • Build your relationships and do not destroy them whenever possible. You become in a constructor of the life.
  • Not you obsessions if something doesn't work quite right; accept your vulnerability as a human and the constraints we all have. Now, also recognizes that there is something essential in you and in the other that is invulnerable and take refuge in that certainty or potential more than the limits or constraints.
  • Don't forget to regularly practice your experiencias yogic so can keep your body and your mind balanced and your conscience clear, and this you will help always in all the senses, also in your relationships.

The best way to interact is serve to the others and to the life, and this delivery will produce the miracle of the healing real.

My experience, my relationships

I've always been interested in a natural and intuitive way relationships with other human beings; I've felt and I feel attracted by the marvelous mystery It is enclosed in every human being and I perceive that is the same mystery that I envision myself.

As in life itself, also in relationships I've tripped thousand times, and I've become to lift other mil. I have erred and I have successful and always intend to continue learning and continue perfecting and maturing my relationships. I don't want to build castles in the air, but stepping on firm and continue working to improve my way of interrelating me with others and myself.

I'm still in this process which never begins or ends and I know there is always something for polishing or learn. I would like to thank others for being the cornerstone that makes me compare me constantly and I thank to Yoga to be the light that guides me on this journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

JuanOrtiz255x255Who is

Juan Ortiz teaches yoga, yoga teacher trainer.

Founder of the school of yoga Dhyana.

The 23 and 24 of February will give a Workshop human Yoga, sexuality and relationships

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