How does it help the Yoga in this crisis?

We asked four experienced instructors, and we have responded by pointing out the many hands that tend us the Yoga in these complicated times we are living.


Hope, serenity, common sense, anchor, communion with others... The responses of these four teachers on what can bring us our practice in these critical times remind us that Yoga is an invaluable support. Hopefully we are all inspiration and energy to keep practicing with honesty and perseverance.


Founder of Yoga Mandir in Barcelona and promoter of Satyam-yoga:

"Yoga provides us with serenity, equanimity, know to react and deep vision.

From the connection with our being the reality that surrounds us are perceived from a broader perspective, allowing the practitioner to not fall into negativity, pessimism, or the limited view of things.

If the circumstances we hardly exceed we act or react. But If we remain in balance, we act from the serenity and this allows us to be more effective in solving certain adversities. The Yogi/Yogini is that/that that knows surf in the middle of the storm, and when we know to take the helm of our life will go in the right direction".

Arjuna 255 x 255Julian Peragón, Arjuna

Trainer of teachers, directs the school Yoga synthesis in Barcelona:

"Yoga has something valuable to contribute: a" deep ethics that disarming all selfishness and questioning the deception, this deception that is at the bottom of our social system and of which we are involved. It tells us, for example, if you want to undo the injustice of the world we must start first by us. It tells us that external violence is not more than a projection of our fears and that greed are looking at retention of goods a false security, as well as greed is based on deep dissatisfaction and makes us want to take ownership of what is not for us.

Yoga said with other words but makes us understand that the world is not more than a projection of our soul and nothing serves good intentions but there is a true transformation.

The universal law of karma makes us see that today's world in crisis is a result of our actions and that, as a civilization, we have lost contact and the measurement with the nature and we have broken the human, supportive and restorative project. Is it becoming mere resignation, but take advantage of this crisis to make a review and use it as a growth opportunity.

The disease of the sedentary lifestyle, Yoga offers an active practice; before personal dissatisfaction, an ongoing investigation into itself; and the crisis of values, a new immersion in a spirituality that break the bonds of modern-day slavery.

Yoga tells us that anything is possible if there is perseverance and intelligence in stages to explore: is a great source of hope, that is what we all need today".

JuanOrtiz255x255Juan Ortiz

Profesor of Yoga, relaxation, meditation and Yoga teacher trainer. Founder of the school of yoga Dhyana in Murcia.

"Yoga brings a little more than common sense and balance in our own lives and in life in general. It can also provide greater serenity and kindness overcoming so much tension, anger, tension and violence of all kinds. Especially the Yoga can help us to find meaning to life and overcome this general feeling of uneasiness, despair and nihilism that makes us feel that you nothing makes sense, and so immerse ourselves in a vital depression that distances us from the true reality. Also gives us sense of humor and santosha (contentment and confidence).

You can help us find another way of life and a different consciousness where what prevails is not own satisfying our desires self-discover and 'save who can', but the deep desire of share everything with other human beings and understand that what happens to you if I care and in some ways is as if happen to me.

Yoga can teach us to be better human beings.

Also that politics, the economy, spirituality, and true philosophy must be at the service of the human being and not, on the contrary. A new paradigm is emerging, and Yoga can help this new vision more human, more real, more conscious and at the same time transcendent. Yoga points us the same way pointing to us by Jesus Christ: 'the way, the truth and the life', and the path I teach El Buda: 'The path of wisdom and awakening' that leads to the overcoming of the problems and the suffering and the encounter with happiness and l to overcoming.

"And all the yogas always lead us to the same Yoga: the Yoga of love, the Yoga of service to life, the Yoga of the unconditional surrender that life can improve and grow always in everyone and everything".

RamonClares 255 x 255Ramon Clares

It teaches Iyengar Yoga for 14 years at Yoga Center in Madrid:

"To me, in my time of crisis, I helped the fact of" follow a few routines. If in addition this practice can boost energy or type aspects that are tackling every situation better, it is a good support.

And in Yoga we're not talking only on his knees or stomach, but internal aspects that improve. And swingeing moments such as those who live, It is very important to have a reference point. At a point in my life Yes suffered a very hard crisis that included staying out of work, having to go outside even without expectations, and me Yoga helped me a lot.

La práctica del Yoga puede ser fundamental para superar estados de postración”.

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