Interview with Ramón Clares: "I don't like the dogmatic or sectarian aspects of Yoga"

Does not believe in angels and not gurus, although he is an experienced (and independent) Professor of Yoga Iyengar. That Yes, limited to teach practicing what can. Refuses to be attributed other responsibilities, and less than any other the theorizing, teach doctrine and use big words.

He started doing Yoga at the Sivananda de Madrid Center. Then he met the Iyengar Yoga and loved it. "But there were some things that produced me some doubt, something that did not fit me well from the beginning." Fourteen years after this "loving misunderstanding" (in his own words), Ramon Clares has settled in their classes of Yoga Iyengar Yoga Center of Madrid. "Throughout the years I have tried that this yoga keeps all its essence but not other aspects of dogmatic or sectarian type is pegasen you that me me they never liked me and eventually I like less".

When Yoga Center appeared in his life, "helped me a lot because I was then needed support". There came the first promotion of teachers Iyengar (in Spain) not welcome to ordodoxos circuits. "I always wanted to this yoga could be studied, but without having to pay the tribute of a devotional atmosphere guru." I have never loved argue or offend, but consider an alternative for those who want to use".

What motivates a teacher to continue giving lessons each day in the Centre for 14 years?
Practice, to my sustains me the illusion by practice; I know another motivation.

How do you understand spirituality?
We never treated her academic way; every one can understand it differently. Spirituality is a personal path in life of each one. And Yoga are here to support, as a reference, to me fundamental, but I never put a sign saying "here are taught spirituality".

What is the essence of Yoga for you?
If I say the practice, it will be boring. My students are it taken a little laugh when I tell them I have no clue what is Yoga. But it is true, although paradoxically I can handle me with him, I explore, I benefit from this practice. If I had to give a definition should go to the Yoga Sutras and other sources. Although I believe that that should also be a personal interpretation of each one. Which to me gives the practice may not be the same as what you brings you. So I try to not give radicals or categorical definitions of Yoga. I prefer to teach it.

Is Iyengar Yoga the most respectful of the physical practice?
Well, you already know that Mr Iyengar says that there is no possibility of separating the physical, mental, and spiritual; I welcome to this standard, as to most of the criteria of Iyengar tackling practice. I would say that it is an environmentally friendly method, and not only with the physical, but with the whole person. But I think the respect depends less on style that teachers, and whether the practice respects the student or if you pass above it.

What find you in Iyengar Yoga to go definitely by him?
In principle, subject to work, because I was looking for one escaloncito more. I did very well in my first contact with Yoga at Sivananda, but I understood that I needed something more. The second step was to move to my Iyengar Yoga, now as an independent.

And what path have chosen to move in? your Iyengar yoga?
I don't know it. I have not walked alone but with my students and my colleagues. As farmers, we do what we can with what we have. This means that all array that provides the Iyengar Yoga, try to that anyone who comes here to practice. And always, at the service of the student, who is not here to pass the level or to beat records. I was doing athletics and know that obsession of go breaking records, and is very well during a certain time of your life, but not for Yoga. Here we teach principles of practice that more advanced students apply to more complex positions, but the principles do not change.

What they have to offer students?
It can no longer be facilitated, but the difficulty here is nothing for the athletic level but for having minimal conditions of attention and interest.

Why someone should practice Yoga?
Because there are not many alternatives when it comes to reconstruct a body punished. And can be punished for many reasons: for reasons of work, sports... Almost no one who comes to try to not have any tensions cervical, lumbar, operated knees, etc. And there is no other activity that will help such as Yoga. People who could not run, returns to run; people who liked some kind of dance and it was crushed, it can do it again. I had been evicted from the sport, and started doing Yoga because I could hardly do anything. And over time I've returned to retrieve things that 20 years ago I thought that I had lost forever.

So bad were you?
Made a picture. A mountain accident left me with a crushed vertebrae and a corset for seven months. I do not know where to enter here the spirituality, but I know what is the frustration, pain, and go how overcoming it with the inner strength Yoga forces you to remove. I think that all who come here to try... can live better.

And get to know themselves?
It depends on the person. The fact that I am Yoga teacher I not empowered to enter in these matters. I cast here: Yoga, the best I can.

And with much humility...
No, I think it is rather sense of the ridiculous, and I have a lot. I don't like to get into gardens that are not mine. Yoga teachers have to stop to ponder what is its role. There are psychologists, therapists, professionals who pass query, and just do not like to me that the doctor usurps my territory, nor I will usurp the therapist's.

What message would like to convey to the people who will engage in Yoga?
The world of Yoga is not different from the outside. I have lived very nice things in this world and very ugly things, as that would be. I would say to those people that start with this. Gives equal signs to be placed on the door; you have to enter, there are to discriminate... and have luck. There are no magical bubbles; life is the same, and that better happen.

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