Book: Meditate every day

Meditate every day, 25 lessons for living with mindfulness is a manual at the same time poetic practicoy to meditate by mindfulness method
Editorial: Kairos
Price: €24

Christophe André, the author, is a psychiatrist at the hospital Sainte-Anne in Paris, in a unit specialized in the treatment of depressive, anxious and emotional disorders. Practice meditation for years and also uses it to help their patients to get rid of suffering and to enjoy its existence.

He understands that meditation is not isolated from the world, but on the contrary, approaching him to understand it, love it and change it. It is also a medium, accessible to all people, to cultivate the serenity and the taste for happiness.

This work is conceived as a manual of initiation to the mindfulness or full consciousness, the most fascinating of all meditation methods, amply validated by scientific studies.

It is a practical and at the same time poetic Handbook of 25 lessons, each of which includes texts to understand, paintings of great painters for feel and a meditation guided (in the CD that comes with the book) to practice.

Christophe André stops at the bases of the meditation - how to use breath, body and consciousness of the present moment - and guides the reader to reach deeper meditations, prepared to cope with suffering, stabilize the emotions and create peace in the mind and the heart.

«Meditation is a tool, accessible to all, to cultivate the serenity and the taste for happiness. I'd start them in this experience that has changed my life", says the author.

The book has been no. 1 in sales in France for months, with 150,000 copies sold.

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By • 26 Nov, 2012 • section: Meditation, Mindfulness