Concert of Yoga Music Experience

Yoga Music Experience gives a concert on Friday 23 November in Madrid. Be willing to live an intense emotional experience and to develop a State of deep peace.

You'll find in Padmasana Center of Madrid a brimming with spectacle of beautiful melodies, soundscapes, dances of the world, ancient rhythms immersed in a multicultural context where the musical fusion is given the hand with color, flavor and the sonority of the East, the Yoga and their philosophies.

Disconnect from the routine, the daily mechanicity of the crisis, conflicts... Live a different experience, your own inner journey through music. In charge of Chema Vilchez Band, directed by Chema Vilchez, musician, composer and teacher of yoga.

More information:

  • Cost of the ticket: €15
  • When: Friday 23 at 20:30 h
  • Where: Padmasana Center, c / sea of Oman 34, Madrid. Reservation of entrance in the Centre Tel.: 913822733 and 620325071.

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By • 15 Nov, 2012 • section: Events, Music