Spiritual autobiography of Ramiro Calle

The last book of Ramiro Street is the more intimate of his career.
Editorial: Kairos.
Price: 18 €

After have explored in numerous traditions initiatory of East and West, Ramiro Street dumps in this book all your experience as Finder spiritual: from his childhood and them readings that it marked, their numerous travel to Asia, their early in the yoga to them fifteen years, its experience with different methods psychotherapeutic, their encounters with them teachers of yoga and meditation more recognized of the world... all them memories of a life dedicated to cultivate the peace inside.

Of course, the author speaks also of relationships and people who meant more in his life, both families, as colleagues and friends. A chapter apart deserves the disease that it reason not makes much time and it led to experiencing in meat own the proximity of her death.

By all this, this work is become both in a reference to them followers of Ramiro Street as in a pleasant and honestisimo companion of travel for them explorers in the path spiritual.

Ramiro Calle has been a pioneer of yoga in Spain. Has traveled on 120 occasions to East. Since 1971 directs one of them more ancient centers of yoga in Spain, Shadak, by which have last more than half million of people and has given conferences in different countries. Has written many books, mostly philosophical or spiritual, but also novels, collections of tales and guides of travel.

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