The most Sung mantra

Who has not moved by listening to the Gayatri Mantra sung by? Deva Premal?

The Sanskrit word mantra is composed of two roots: Manas (mind) and Trai (protection). Gayatri is a combination of two Sanskrit words: ganat (which is sung) and trayate (releasing). Gayatri is an invocation to the release. Let's go into its meaning:

OM Bhur Bhuvah, Suaha,
OM, Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo yo Nah, Dheemahi

  • OM. It is the symbol of the creator. Sound of the universal love that resonates throughout all the land, also called "the sound of silence".
  • Bhur. The land, meadows, trees, blue sky, all of nature,
    of the physical plan of our material existence.
  • Bhuva. The atmosphere, the sky, ether, the astral plane, the movement of the soul towards other planes of spiritual existence.
  • Shava. The sky where dwell the angels, the causal plane, the heavenly plane.
  • Tat. That one.
  • Savitur. It is the solar diivinidad, the place where dwells the God Savitri, source of light and the warmth of love.
  • Varenyam. Friendly, worthy of being worshipped, extraordinary.
  • Bhargo. Bright, radiant, shimmering, giving light.
  • Devasya. The devas, gods or Angels.
  • Prachodayat. We love, love or contemplate with joy.
  • Dhiyo. The intellect.
  • I. Who, who.
  • Nah. Our.
  • Prachodayath. We need care, protection and blessing.

The easiest free translation might be:
"The venerated solar light that shines in all three planes of the universe illuminates our minds and protect our intelligence along the path of good."

The Gayatri Mantra calls for help or blessing of superior strength to overcome inner enemies. It is a beautiful song of love the Sun, the cosmos and to overcome.

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