Who we are

Yoga network want to be the site of inquiry most frequented the about yoga, how and where to practice it and improve it. Objectivity, topicality, interest practical, quality and participation will be its foundation.

  • Objectivity. The site is open to all styles, methods and schools.
  • Today. Daily updated information.
  • Practical interest. Proposals for courses, events and events every day.
  • Quality. Advice of the most renowned experts from all over the world.
  • Participation. Space open to all practitioners to share and dialogue.

Yoga network is a site completely plural and independent of any school, style, ideology, religion. As medium of communication, is made by professional of the journalism and expert in yoga, and its information responds to criteria journalistic and of utility practice and public, to the service of the health comprehensive and of them practitioners of yoga.

Yoga network is also a forum open to all one person or collective that love the yoga and want to share it. Not only offers information and proposals on the world of the yoga, but puts to disposition of the community of practitioners a space for the dialogue and for the exchange of ideas, articles and testimonies.


Jimena Mas, Director of art and Community manager

Is designer graphic, forming occupational and expert in websites, technologies 2.0 and networking. Designed the magazines Psychology practice and Yoga Journal during a season. The experience of designing this last magazine, leader world in yoga, was an of the more enriching of its career professional.

Pepa Castro, Director publishing

Veteran journalist, editor and creator of content. He edited the magazine for 13 years Psychology practice and for four years the magazine Yoga Journal. Then discovered that wanted to make of the yoga your profession. It continues strong to learn yoga in all its authentic and transcendent dimension, with seriousness and independence.