Updated Guide to Teacher Training Courses and Specialties 2019-2020

The new Yoga and Advanced Teacher Training Courses begin for 2019-2020, most in October and also in January. We will be adding new information in the coming months, as it comes to the draft. Proposals are sorted in chronological order.

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–Training of Yoga Instructors and Teachers, Master and Specialization

Where: International School of Yoga in Madrid, Elche, Santiago, Gijon, Mallorca, Cadiz, Girona

Start: from October 2019

Los cursos están abiertos a todas las personas que desean profundizar, sea en su propio crecimiento y como base para perfeccionar la práctica personal, sea por un interés específico en prepararse para la enseñanza del yoga en sus diversas aplicaciones. La Escuela convalida las horas cursadas (a partir de títulos de 200 horas) en otros centros o escuelas de prestigio, para poder acceder a los cursos de nivel 2 (Instructores) y 3 (Máster) de la EIY. Los títulos de la Escuela están debidamente registrados en la Yoga Alliance y reconocidos por la European Yoga Federation, la Federación Española de Yoga Profesional y la Federación Española de Entidades Formadoras de Yoga.

Address: Mayte Criado

Contact: 91 416 68 81 t / 648 078 824 / info@escueladeyoga.com

More information: https://www.escueladeyoga.com/formacion

–Comprehensive Yoga Training of the Shiva-Shakti Association of Integral Yoga

Where: Organic Yoga Madrid

Start: October 2019

This formation of Integral Yoga is inspired by both classical texts and methodological contributions and adaptations born in the West. We train teachers who must be an example of ethics and professionalism. This training provides the technical knowledge for personal and professional development in the field of yoga. We do not conceit the exercise of this profession without a personal and constant process of research and personal growth to support it.

The total duration of training is 500 hours. The standard of two training cycles of 200 and 300 hours of the international Yoga Alliance certification is followed. It is also equated in hours and content with the professional yoga qualification approved in July 2011 by the Council of Ministers. Our association is a member of the Spanish Federation of Yoga Forming Entities (FEDEFY).

Address: Jose Manuel Vazquez

Contact: 91 310 51 81 / info@yogaorganico.org

More information: https://www.yogaorganico.org/formacion-de-profesores-de-yoga-integral/

–Certificate of Professionalism "Yoga Instruction" - Polytechnic University of Madrid

Where: Madrid (Faculty of science of physical activity and sport - INEF, Polytechnic University of Madrid)

Start: November 15th. Possibility of joining until December 23.

The Polytechnic University of Madrid is the only public university center in the community of Madrid, accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Finance and the Public Employment Service, to impart, in the face-to-face modality, the Certificate of Professionalism "Instruction in Yoga", regulated by RD 1076/2012, of July 13.

The Certificate in "Yoga Instruction" does not correspond to any particular school or style, but is a basic and essential teaching applicable to all styles of yoga existing today.
Duration: 550 hours (430 theoretical-practical hours + 120 hours of professional internship in companies)

Address: Gabriel Romo Rodriguez and Enrique López Adam

Contact: gabriel.rodriguez@upm.es

More information: www.inef.upm.es/CertificadoYoga

–Yoga Training for Businesses

Where: Yoganet, Sardenya 202 bis, Barcelona

Start: 9 and 10 November

Learn how to tailor your yoga class to the needs of the company and its workers.

With Ximena Escobar Avila and Paula Colantonio

More information: https://yoganet.es/yogalab-especializacion-en-yoga-para-empresas/

–Yoga 200hrs teachers in Spanish in Goa

Where: Goa (India)

Start: November 2019

We are organizing official Yoga Alliance courses for 200hrs trainings as a Yoga Teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa at Sampoorna Yoga School in Goa, India. We know that in many cases future Yoga teachers do not decide to train in India because of the language barrier, since the formations are usually in English. We have worked so that now there is no impediment to obtaining quality training in India in your own language, Spanish. The next dates in Spanish will be: November 2019 and April 2020.

It teaches: Gemma Gregorio. Yoga 500RYT Teacher (Member of the Yoga Alliance)

Contact: livinglavidagemma@gmail.com

More information:

–Training of Yoga Teachers for Pregnant Women

Where: Murcia. Dhyana Yoga School

Start: November 20

Pregnancy Stages/ Pregnant Preparation Exercises / Asanas / Pranayama in Pregnancy / Conscious Relaxation / Meditation with Visualizations/ Yoga Series Stufio / Know Your Pelvis/ Pelvic Floor Exercises.

It teaches: Mati Carmen Hernandez Planes

Contact: jortiz@yogadhyana.com / T 968 277 477 and 699 582 688

More information: https://www.yogadhyana.com/

–2nd Yoga Chair Training Module

Where: Madrid

Start: 23 November

On Saturday 23/11 and Sunday 24/11 November 2019 the 2nd module of the Yoga Chair Training with Ximena Escobar will take place.

The training is circular, which means that it is possible to incorporate into any module and continue the wheel.
Topics: Heating. PIE positions with the chair: push-ups, extensions, inclinations and twists. Posture anatomy. Benefits and contraindications. Most common pathologies in these postures.

Contact: Paula T and Whatsapp 34 648 18 36 49 / paula@yoganet.es

More information: https://www.yoganet.es/formacion-chair-yoga-con-ximena-escobar-avila/

–International Intensive Yoga Training in Peru

Where: in the heart of the Sacred Valley, halfway between Cusco and Machu Picchu

Start: November 27 to December 22

Training of Yoga Teachers of 200 hours endorsed by Yoga Alliance International. The training proposal is intensive (26 days) and will be developed in Peru. The training is residential thus requiring a complete dedication during the stay. Being of an intensive character, we will enjoy an authentic retreat of Yoga while training as instructors, being a very positive experience at all levels and truly transformative. In addition to the practice of daily yoga, different activities/excursions will be proposed to group activities where you can discover the treasures and magic of the place where the training is carried out. This training is suitable for all kinds of people who want to have a deep experience with Yoga; both beginners and people who regularly practice this discipline.

They offer: Nacho Kaleta and Felix sailor Vendrell

Contact: info@elementuak.com / T 695 186 506 y 615 317 675

More information: https://elementuak.com/

–Training of Hatha Yoga School Chermeed Teachers

Where: Madrid

Start: January 2020

A course to deepen personal practice and acquire the tools to guide others on the transformative path of Yoga. A Yoga without labels, based on personal experience and away from dogmas, schools and iron styles. Transmitted with rigor and truthfulness, respecting and enhancing the essence of every professional future. The course is taught from January to December 2020, on 11 weekends, one of them in coexistence of the group in the wild.

They offer: Lola Irusta and Javier Hernández (teacher accredited by the Community of Madrid to impart the Certificate of Professionalism in Yoga Instruction)

Contact: Javier Hernández T 637872747 / javihervi@hotmail.com

More information: www.elcaminodelyoga.wordpress.com

–Karam Kriya Formation

Where: Yoganet, Sardenya 202 bis, Barcelona

Start: 18 and 19 January 2020

Karam Kriya works with the archetypes of numbers to achieve a personal, professional and spiritual transformation. Get in the language of sacred numerology.
Enrich your meditative experience and let the numbers guide you.

With Seva Kaur and team.

More information: https://www.yoganet.es/formacion-karam-kriya/

–Formación de Profesores de Yoga para Personas Mayores y Necesidades Especiales

Where: Yogavida School. Barcelona

Start: January 25, 2020

Course aimed at yoga teachers who can accredit a training of at least 300h and want to obtain a specialization in yoga for the elderly and people with special difficulties (fibromyalgia, recovery of a cancer, severe pathologies in the spine, etc.). We have been teaching these types of students for more than 10 years.

Hours: Saturday to month from January to June 2020. The price includes Training + training materials + unlimited attendance, from January to June, to hatha yoga and nidra yoga classes held at the school (optional) +1 eye yoga workshop (visual education), between January and June 2020 (optional) .

Address: Montse Ramirez, director of Yogavida School

Contact: info@escolayogavida.com

More information: http://www.escolayogavida.com/actividades/especializacion-en-yoga-para-personas-mayores-y-personas-con-dificultades-especiales-141

-Yoga teacher training

Where: ETC – School of Body Techniques and Alternative Therapies (Madrid)

Start: January 25 and 26, 2020

Theoretical-practical yoga training for those people with a particular experience as practitioners and who want to give the step to teachers and teach Yoga classes.

128 hours of training spread over 8 weekends throughout 2020 in Madrid. Training certified by the Spanish Association of Body Techniques and Alternative Therapies.

Contact: info@escuelaetc.com / T 651088461

More information: www.escuelaetc.com/yoga

Training in somatic movement education with Lisa Petersen

Where: City Yoga. Madrid

Start: January 30, 2020

Somatic Movement Education (EMS) offers a safe, fast and deep way to free and recalibrate tense muscles by retraining the nervous system and reorganizing soma (body-mind) patterns.

This training brings modern neuroscience and ancient yogi wisdom into the practice of somatics. Learn how to make the unconscious conscious and feel everything become easier and painless from head to toe.

Address: Lisa Petersen

Contact: info@city-yoga.com/ T 685 549 906 and 91 553 4751 – 91 025 92

More information: http://www.city-yoga.com/servicios/formacion/formacion-eduacion-movimientos-somatico

–Training Hatha and Vinyasa Teachers / Therapeutic Yoga

Where: Kaivalya Yoga School. Barcelona

Start: March 2020

The training is aimed at all those who have practiced Yoga long enough to feel intensely attracted and interested in the benefits that this wisdom gives us as old and wish to deepen and broaden their expertise in the science of Yoga, either as personal growth or intending to devote himself to teaching and dissemination.

Address: Elizabeth Cervantes

Contact: T 629981115 / info@kaivalyayoga.net

More information: http://kaivalyayoga.net/formacion-profesor-de-yoga/formacion-hatha-yoga

–International Training in Pre and Postnatal Yoga and Yoga-Doula

Where: Yoganet, Sardenya 202 bis, Barcelona

Start: 8-10 May 2020 - January 2021

This unique double education prepares you to perform an active and practical accompaniment to the mother and father during the 3 stages of motherhood from a yogiandandal and Ayurvedic vision.

With Gurujagat Kaur from France and team.

More information: https://www.yoganet.es/formacion-yoga-para-el-embarazo-y-yoga-doula/

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