To the "hunt" of holy men: A strand of light in the darkest cloud

I have been very tomorrow visiting several faquires and contemplating some of their "feats", all in order to obtain some rupees. There is no doubt that some of these men are great experts in body acesisis and have developed a great capacity for will and self-control. Calle Ramiro writes.

Pictured, Ramiro Street with Swami Adhyatmananda

Some resort to tricks and others face pain with stoic ness, almost physical ataraxia. Alexander the great It was already astonished power of self-control of those that the Greeks called gymnasts. When you see these men, and I've seen many, it's not easy to tell between the faquir and the penitent. But what can be affirmed, as I delight in my spiritual-startiatic account The Fakir it is that many of these men do not belong to the authentic tradition of faquirism, where the faquires rasayani, connoisseurs of all the secreters of the body, the energies and the inner alchemy, stood out.

I watch as one raises stones with his penis; another is lying on a bed of barbed; another swallows banknotes of rupees and objects and then vomits them; another is all the time leaning on one leg. Some appear to have the clay body and perform insurmountable contortionisms and others simulate levitation.

Reflections of Swami Adhyatmananda

I take an excursion later to the beautiful town of Devprayag and, at dusk, return to Rishikesh, as he waits for me in his kutir Swami Adhyatmananda, a young man, laughing, sympathetic and very dynamic. He hugs us and offers me a banana and an apple. Then we sat on the floor and chatted thoroughly about wisdom, the third eye, the mind, the ego and how to weaken it, including all its teachings in my work Conversations with Yogis. But my primary interest is to squeal their impressions of this time of corruption, unbridleity greed, darkness, confusion and unjustiveness in which we have lived centuries ago and which Hindus call the Kali-yuga. I point the subject to the swami and listened to him with great attention and interest. Says:

"There is in this era called Kali-yuga, war, unemployment and people live poorly and with many frustrations. It's a very difficult time. There are difficulties of all kinds. Suffering. But there is also a kind of ethical recovery movement that pursues a transformation of life, and people's views will have to change. We are at a very low level, both mentally and physically. We're really in crisis. A crisis both individual and general. Children are being sacrificed and we show no respect for the elderly, nor for women. We mistreat the weak and we all occasionally feel possessed by a kind of terror. There's corruption all over the world. Corruption has become a way of life and prevails in all strata of society. This is a characteristic condition of Kali-yuga. The black market has crossed all boundaries and neither the schools nor the courts are free of contamination. And when it comes to religious institutions, these are the worst and have no reputation.

Todo esto podría cambiarse si hubiera un cambio de actitud y de proceder, un cambio de mentalidad. Se requiere una revolución de la actitud ética, así como unos preceptos sociales correctos. Hay que motivar a la juventud y cuidar sus necesidades materiales, que son un derecho de todo ser humano. Y hacer mucho por la propagación del yoga, la sadhana (práctica) y facilitar que se practique. Hay que recuperar la pureza de pensamiento y acción. Necesitamos un ambiente pacífico de existencia basado en principios auténticos. Tal es lo esencial para esta época del Kali-yuga”.

Le pregunto sobre el samadhi, y responde:

“No lo he alcanzado todavía. Según los textos y las Escrituras, la consciencia se convierte en Consciencia Cósmica. Pierdes la consciencia del cuerpo y la mente. Tienes la Consciencia Absoluta. Aunque puedes seguir permaneciendo como persona individual, tu ser se convierte en el Ser Unviersal. Te vuelves uno con la Naturaleza”.

¿ La supraconsciencia es individual o cósmica? Responde:

“Cósmica, por supuesto. Hay consciencia, hay la consciencia de la consciencia y hay supraconsciencia o Consciencia Cósmica. Si no tiene uno ni consciencia de la consciencia, ¿cómo puede alcanzarse la Consciencia Cósmica? Hay que trabajar sobre uno mismo, seguir esforzándose, porque el estancamiento es como la muerte. Hay que continuar, continuar. Si se prosigue, la meta se alcanzará, con toda seguridad. El esfuerzo es imprescindible”.

Nos abrazamos. Han pasado horas. Es noche cerrada. Lleva varios años de swami y fue un tiempo secretario de la gran yoguini Ananda Ma Yi. Se escucha el rumor del Ganges deslizándose sin tregua hacia la planicie, donde alcanzará Benarés, Patna y Calcuta. Todo fluye, sigue su imparable curso.

-Ojalá haya un amanecer para esta época oscura -digo-, y pienso en que aún en la nube más oscura puede haber una ebra de luz.

Esboza una entrañable sonrisa. Y vuelvo a abrazarle comunicándonos en ese momento de ser a ser.

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