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According to the SAR, boredom is "tired of mind, caused by lack of stimulus or distraction". We could fit our yogic approach saying that boredom is a 'fear of the void' (a vacuum of stimuli). Writes Javier Aizpiri, Kalki.

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Boredom has always seemed a great song. At first glance it may seem like a subject less, but certainly reveals many keys on the conduct of the humans.

Boredom is a common and subtle form of suffering which, generally passed 'unnoticed' for ordinary mortals. Children show him shamelessly and raging: "I am bored". Some adults when they hear about boredom jump saying: "I do not allow me the luxury of being boring, with everything I have to do in life". In reality, the response makes it clear that the question is not understood.

It would be very clarifying to start asking ourselves what is the opposite of boring It might linger, relax, have fun, settle, even rejoice. When someone is bored is 'bostezante', disgruntled, cranky, negativizado, even irritated, rabid and much more.

We could agree that boredom arises when there is stimulus enough, in quantity and quality, to keep the mind entertaining. But not only when there are few stimuli; We also get bored when they are repetitive, dull, routine, common, known, tedious. For this reason humans we strive to keep the mind occupied and entertained at all costs; You can be reading the newspaper every day or watching TV (with the ' noble' aim of being informed), traveling (to discover new places and disconnect), performing tasks of bricolaje-limpieza - ordering (all very necessary), shopping (for renew our wardrobe) or writing an article about boredom.

Passionate minds

Today there is a whole industry of leisure and entertainment arranged to make that human beings don't get bored. From recreational parks to radio and television programs, passing through the deporte-espectaculo, where they move vast amounts of money for the sole purpose of entertaining, surprise and give pleasure to the senses.

Dictionary of the SAR as well ditch the issue: boredom, "fatigue of the mind caused by lack of stimulus or distraction, or repeated discomfort"

At present evolutionary man has no domain on her mind and she follows the dictates of desire. We call it 'passionate mind', a mind subject to the senses and completely back out; a mind needed stimulus and anxious feelings and distractions. When this hungry mind lacks food or 'toys', is a State of mind (of des-animo rather) known as boredom. Madhava defines the boredom as "emotional hunger".

Of course also this there is in degrees; very subject, very 'children 's' minds who soon tire of things and constantly need new toys; more 'adult' minds that are content with least amount of toys or even they build them and turn them into educational toys.

Of course, when you have an emergency or excessive need for stimulating elements, it generates a real addiction to be under that excitement of the objects of desire, which led him to a life of slavery.

Etymologically the word boredom is said that it comes from the latin abhorrere, AB (no, absence, empty) and horrere (horror, fear). Thus, we could fit our approach saying that boredom is a 'fear of the vacuum' (vacuum stimuli).

Sense to live

Certainly behind the boredom can also hide many more issues than the simple absence of stimuli. There may be a lack of a sense or purpose to live, not having a good source of emotional nutrition, indifference and lack of motivation (apathy), have not found 'your site' in life, be 'tired of living', the lack of will or energy to undertake something (apathy), etc.

Yoga gives us the keys to get rid of the 'passionate mind' and one of its consequences: boredom.

Yoga gives us sense to live, invites us to go down to the present and to interest in everything which he inhabits. Using their techniques reorganized the bodies energy that helps us to know and to concentrate the mind, calming 'that which stimulates it': the desires.

Thus, we build a mind quiet, silent, calm; a creative mind, which is 'for' in the 'neutral' things in life making them attractive with its look and 'interesting'. It is a mind that does not need large stimuli; She, with her conduct becomes stimulus everything you live; It is not anxious to have anything, build anything, decide anything. It is one mind cool, even-handed, in peace, released (boredom also); all a conquest and a blessing that allows us to live in the only place where life is given: the present.

The Science of Yoga It allows us to open the door of knowledge and, with it, crossing the threshold that separates us from the "divine essence".

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