Autumn, time of adaptation to the cold

When cold our body begins to be affected by the environment and reacts naturally to adapt. Autumn is a time of transition in which we can use our knowledge or learn to take into account certain factors that will allow us to cross in the best way the change of weather station. Writes Paul Rego.

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With the first descents of temperature, during the autumn, are the tendency to depression, to stay inside next to the stove, to cross your arms limiting the movement of the thorax, which reduces respiratory activity causing lower oxygenation, a impairment and reduction of the energetic process occurs naturally the elevation of body temperature.

It is important to take into account changes in logical habits of this time of the year and act to regulate the processes that help keep us healthy and active.


We come from the heat, eat lighter meals with little structure, perhaps more raw salads and fruit, cold things. This type of food delivered us some elements as water containing, necessary in an era in which we sweat more. And as foods with little structure bring less heat to the body, why we are refreshing.

Obviously, at the beginning of the cold we have to incorporate foods with more structure, hot and also liquid, water or natural wines, so our bodies continue to receive a reasonable amount of water and avoid the typical problems in the urinary tract of the winter.

According to Ayurveda, traditional medicine of the India, is also important to provide the body citrus fruit or acidic, sweet and salty flavors. The flavors affect our physical and mental structures. Listed, in particular, Act on the elements air and ether, avoiding instability, volatility and excess of lightness of our organism. Using this aspect of food as a guide we can determine what we should take.


It is important to practice some energizing breathing exercises. Breathe intensely is important, since the metabolism is activated and can raise the temperature of the body in a natural way.

Pranayama, the ancient science of breath linked to Yoga, offers us exercises as Kapalabhati, an intense activation exercise that is done by inhaling and exhaling with strength and speed. The fast movement of the diaphragm and lungs raising the inside temperature of the body and force the movement of energy through the main channels.

These exercises raise metabolic levels, detoxify, and clarify the mind, allowing us to perceive the environment and live the cold and short days with greater optimism.

The emotions

Not only the cold is factor of change, also the hours of daylight to which we are exposed. There are agencies which tend to manifest a tendency to depression to the combination of cold and the reduction of the hours of sunlight.

The Energy Center that is affected, it is the third chakra, in the abdomen, the chakra of the power of self that is completely linked to the kidneys and glands. Therefore it is logical that the picture is the tendency to depression, the listlessness and that, as a result of this situation, many people tend to stay completely inactive, with heater and watching the TV.

It is important if well with the first cold be in and the stove can give us some peace, if we spent four or five months in this way, we will end up by getting sick.

Physical activity

The activity must be intense and it is very important to take into account a good entry into heat to avoid contractures or rupture of the muscle fibers.

Activities such as Yoga allow to maintain the State of the physical body, taking care also the energy to avoid imbalance. An intense routine will raise body temperature, and under these conditions it is possible to maintain the stretch that counteracts the natural shortening caused by the cold.

Naturally, in the body, muscle fibers and tendons exposed to low temperatures tend to shrink while the heat helps the elongation. If we let the contraction caused by the cold weather from seizing of our body, there will be a massive shortening that will alter all our body. It is therefore important to activate, heat and stretch the body.

Yoga also includes Pranayama, as already said before, that it can be practiced together with physical exercise.

The Sun

The human body is completely linked to the presence of the Sun and its natural radiation. Without sun, there would be no life and is the star King that determines many of our activities. In summer the irradiation of UV rays is very intense, the body shall acknowledge receipt. If, on the other hand, is very weak, also.

In winter we have the possibility of take advantage of the greater amount of sunlight as a natural way to fill us with energy, activate the metabolism and, of course, take heat from a natural source.

The pineal gland in the center of our head captures the natural paths, daylight hours, and adjusts the hormones and substances that our body needs. If we avoid the Sun, especially in the months of less irradiation, we are complicating the natural answers that our body is genetically to adapt to cold winter and short days.

Taking into account all these aspects during the autumn, it is possible that we reach the winter preparations to that path with good disposition and a better response from our immune system. Both food and habits, physical activity and exposure to the Sun, will create a psychic, physical and emotional framework that will allow us to adapt much more naturally to cold weather preventing diseases and massive pain in the body.

Paul Rego. Yoga teacher. Diploma in medicine Ayurveda of India. Masajista-Terapeuta holistic.

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