The Hindu Federation of Spain presents its first book: Veda darshana

Friday, June 22, in the public library of Elena Fortún of Madrid Spain Hindu Federation (EHF) officially launched its first publication, the book Veda Darśana: thinking, spirituality and life in the hindu tradition. The work contains eight articles of some of the most important and experienced of Hinduism in Spain voices.

Presentation and discussion of the book Veda darshana in Madrid

The event was organized in collaboration with the University Open retirement, Association land and cultures, which were represented by their President Victoria expensive Bernal.

The hindu priest and Chairman of the FHE JUAN Carlos Ramchandani (Krishna Kripa Dasa) He said in the presentation that you would like to that Veda darshana It is an annual publication containing the best of the wisdom and hindu spirituality in Spanish. Of the eight authors it could count on the presence of five of them. The first presentation was in charge of Pedro Soto Adrados, who spoke of his chapter entitled "Sanatana Dharma: a response to human concern". Then he spoke Javier Ruiz Calderón (Shankara) on his chapter entitled "Influence of Hinduism in the West". You would Swami Rameshwarananda Giri, who speak of his chapter "Hinduism, pluralism and interreligious dialogue" next to intervene was Alvaro Enterría, I commented on his chapter "Yoga and the spiritual paths. The disciple tradition". Completed interventions turn again with Juan Carlos Ramchandani, He spoke of his chapter "Archanam, worship in the temple, Samskaras, the rites of passage in Hinduism".

Finally in a conducive way Act, the President of the FHE trade Arati ceremony and made the blessing of books there exposed. The Embassy of India in Spain gave its institutional support to the event with the assistance of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Jeeva Joy (Ambassador is located in the India) and Professor of Sanskrit and Indian culture Manoj Kumar, He was asked he will recite the mantras of the Shanti Patha (prayers for peace) to finish.

The five authors signed copies of Veda darshana to all who bought the book. According to I inform Ramchandani the first edition of the book will be exhausted soon by numerous orders that have received throughout Spain and Latin America, also recalled that thanks to the donations of several people the book be sent free to libraries public, universities and certain personalities from the world of culture, religion, and politics to publicize the true spirituality and hindu culture which unfortunately is nowadays so desecrated and banalized by certain sectors of society. This publication also aims to take one further step to get the desired "notorious roots" which must be granted by the Spanish Government, a task that is being led by the FHE with the help of the Hindu Forum of Europe.

Photographs of the event were taken by Marcos Soria.

About the book

Veda Darśana: thinking, spirituality and life in the hind traditionu has 118 pages with illustrations in full color, printed on paper of good quality and with a very attractive cover designed by Malaga Carlos Bielsa, a regular contributor to publications of Ramchandani. The book has the prologue of the prestigious Professor of history of religions (University of la Laguna, Tenerife) Francisco Diez de Velasco. Followed by a guide to the transliteration of Sanskrit that the authors have used. Then comes the introduction by the President of the EHF Juan Carlos Ramchandani.

See detailed information about the book and authors here.

If you want to buy the book please contact the Secretariat of the FHE at the following email:

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