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With the sub-title of Muscles, and yoga, in this book of this renowned expert addresses the various functions of the muscles in different postures of yoga. Edit the March Hare. RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: €25

In different postures of yoga, muscle Guide to the bones, maintain joints, protect nerves, suspended or elevated parts of the body... Its functions are varied.

For this reason, it is necessary that one by one, strong and flexible, you can relax, you can stretch or can combine their different States to coordinate their actions. For its part, a well-structured yoga can gradually develop different qualities inherent to the muscles.

In this book, addresses the different functions of the muscles in yoga postures. Through the tabs/examples that, on each occasion, observed a situation in which one or more muscles involved, intends to distinguish and understand these different functions. It is a guide for a most enlightening experience of yoga that will help the reader to a better understanding and a streamline practice.

The author

Blandine Calais-Germain He started very young in the dance and active methods of pedagogy, in the course of his primary and secondary studies at the Montessori school.

From 1969 to 1977 he studied contemporary dance. He participated in more than 300 shows in the Compañia Cantarel.

In 1977, wishing to deepen some aspects of the movement, he undertook studies of say in the French school of Paris massage and orthopedics.

In 1991 he obtained the diploma of Professor of dance. Currently developing his work in several countries of Europe and Canada, and his books have been translated into six languages.

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