Brahmacharya, the sacred

Brahma is the creative way of divinity and Brahmacharya is the mastery achieved on the creative force. The fourth Yama is commonly translated as celibacy or chastity. The chaste is pure. Do pure use of creative force, increase sexual function transmutative process, is a key of knowledge only available to minds free from selfishness and disturbance. Carmen old writes.

But in addition to sexuality, there are two other functions that contain the primal creative force: the food and the word. Both sexuality, as life that feeds us (because we eat of other lives), as the word logos or Word, beginning of creation, share this alchemical ability of transmute the vital spiritual, but it is only within the reach of wizards and magicians, released the desires and passions, and converted into clean channels that communicate the celestial and terrestrial forces.

Most humbly, chastity is offered as a clean look, a great respect, a pure heart and a genuine goodness. Then, any of the great sacred functions has become ritual. The food, in offering of life which we consume in honor of life; the word, compassion and healing the spirit drawn vehicle; sexuality, in dialogue and listening between souls, representing the meeting of Universal energy that all manifests and the absolute consciousness.

Against such liability, the limited human mind prefers before ban to raise awareness at the height of the sacredness of the creative energy.

So was born the dogma and the word sin. Not being able to understand, to explain, to clean our minds. If we cosificamos the food we create gluttony; If the word we tarnish, insult her; and lust, if we do of sexuality selfish passion.

Is a great gift to participate in creative energy and to respect their sacredness before it would have to respect the sacredness of any life form, including their own. El camino para ello comienza en Ahimsa (la armonía entre las partes y el todo), sigue en Satya (la experiencia de la autenticidad del ser) y por Asteya (nada poseemos, solo cuidamos de ello)…

Brahmacharya has another name: conscience.

Carmen old heir. Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (AEPY) and by the Sivananda school.

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By • 18 May, 2018 • Sección: Carmen old