Clarifies your doubts: what is non-dualism?

In this section Javier Ruiz Calderón offers answers to our questions from a vision of up-to-date yogic tradition and criticism (taking into account what is historical, philological, medical research, etc). Are invited to write to Javier making your doubts or uncertainties.

Question: what is non-dualism?

Answer: The non-dualism - or, better, adualismo - is the philosophy that all differences, separations, distinctions and dualities are, ultimately, false. IE: in the background, there is no separation between self and non self, there is no difference between good and evil, pleasure and pain, etc. All the apparent multiplicity is illusory.

Some of the best-known forms of adualismo are the advaita vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism in Hinduism, some schools of mahayana Buddhism as zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Some Sufi teachers a few Western philosophers such as Parmenides, Plotinus, Spinoza and Schelling.

Adualista spirituality says that suffering is caused by ignorance of the adualidad. Direct perception of that adualidad through the study of the Scriptures, meditation, etc. makes the person to stop perceived as something separate and melts into the ocean without limits of the absolute reality. Then he sees that all barriers and limitations in which I thought were nothing more than an idea in the mind. And hence a great peace and inner freedom and an immense love arise all beings.

Javier Ruiz Calderón (Shankara) He holds a PhD in philosophy specializing in philosophies and religions of the India. It has almost forty years studying and practicing yoga, vedanta and meditation. He is a Professor of these subjects, as well as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sanskrit and Vedic chant.

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