Arcane No. 19: Surya Namaskar, the Sun

The sun salutation is an offering of human existence to that consciousness cosmic environment which turns the universe, in a call to the return and the merger. Write this series Carmen Viejo.

Keyword: 'Conscience'

"The Sun is born of the eye of Purusha, the cosmic giant; so that when the man dies and his body and soul are integrated into the cosmic macrantropo, his eye returns to the Sun". (Treaty of history of religions. M.Eliade)

Consciousness is the Sun of each microcosm. The eye by which being seen, desidentificando as seen and differentiating the individuality. But the star King appoints his own and required tests to take them on that trip without return to immortality.

19, their number, is raised to 10 master's degree. From individualism, individualism is exceeded. It is the triumph of who looks over what he sees. The light of the intellectual. The universe is sacred and alive, but without the Suns, would not know of himself and would remain in the dark.

The master of John Manzanera, Lama Wangchuksaid you "your natural state is happiness. You are not any of the mental States by those who pass. As the clouds appear in the sky. The clouds are not heaven and there is always sunlight behind them." The mystery of the sun comes to remember that luminous essential nature to which we can access beyond the fluctuations of the mind.

This luminous nature provides human qualities described in the Mahabharata by the own Surya, the Sun God: "your son will be a true reflection of me, a great Archer, kindly heart like no other. You will be famous around the world for his generosity and kindness: never refuse anything to anyone, even when they ask him to not give. It will be a proud and sensitive man whose fame will endure in the world while the Sun and moon remain in their orbits".

In fact, consciousness is emanadora of the qualities of the concentration (Archer), kindness and generosity, fame, the pride and immortality. And human beings are developing that consciousness whose only boundary is the own realization or fusion with light or cosmic consciousness. The way to achieve this is a long pilgrimage full of evidence.

As the son of the Sun, Radheya, manifested in the beginning of his own pilgrimage in the Mahabharata, the pursuit of knowledge is the guide that may allow to discover this inner solar awareness: "in this world there is nothing greater than knowledge, and knowledge makes no differences of caste or creed. I would go in search of knowledge and I will become a Sage; a Sage is recognition wherever that goes".

The human is born of a mortal nature being son of immortality. Return to recognized as that essence immortal, conscious and bright, is the challenge of the very existence, long and patient, with its light and dark, days with sunrises and sunsets, and those clouds that can hide the Sun in sight, unless this Quake one iota after she s.

As the Gayatri mantra declaims: "Behold the glory of the light that illuminates the three worlds: dense, subtle, and causal." I am the life-giving power, love, radiant lighting and the divine grace of the Universal intelligence. We pray that this divine light illuminate our minds".

Correspondence in asanas

Surya Namaskara, the greeting to the Sun, It is a concatenation of asanas, as explained Manuel Morata in your manual Yoga. Enlargement"you can take the form of prayer when the pace is slower trying to develop the perception and the subtle contact". The sun salutation is an offering of human existence to that consciousness cosmic environment which turns the universe, in a call to the return and the merger.

The Mudra of the Demand completes the greeting to the Sun turning to who practice it, standing, with arms raised, hands and open hearts, a receiver of that light of conscience: "the practitioner is transformed into a sort of cosmic magnet, to move to openness freely receives the flow of the universe, becoming at the same time receiver and transmitter of such forces", explains Morata in the manual.

ARCHA Chakrasana "Half of the wheel "is, a great unlocking energy. Foot, dorsal opening in expansion, with lumbar waist control. Hands can leave behind the head or resting on the thighs, below the buttocks. Once the energy is released, it can be directed towards mental observation. Counter with a bending forward.

Purna Dhanurasana or "the full ARC", usually accurate tape support to join hands and feet over your head. It represents an advanced evolution of the traditional bow, in position lying face down, and its implementation requires a guide. It develops consciousness.

Navasana, "The ship", recentra earlier work, compensates for the extensions and balances the excess energy enhancing Manipura chakra, to develop vital energy and direct it to the concentration. Starting from the sitting position, legs lift surpassing the height of the head and maintenance. You can use the form Ardha Navasana (with knees bent and close to the breast), in order not to overload the lumbar. Manipura chakra has an impact on energy Sun Plexus, source of vitality and inner joy, that duly compensated with previous chakras, can be used for developing valuable awareness.

Note: Study and effects of Ardha Chakrasana, Purna Dhanurasana and Navasana, at pages 130, 111 and 198 of Yoga. Theory, practice and methodology, and Surya Namaskar and Mudra pages 54 to 61, the demand of Yoga. Enlargement, both Manuel Morata.

Carmen old heir (Ahimsa). Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Yoga Vedanta Academy (School of Sivananda) and by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (school Manuel Morata).

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