Arcane nº 10: Bhujangendrasana, wheel

The sense of the asana touches the essence of magic origin of Yoga. As with the arcana of the Tarot, the asanas have much more than what they are. 22 weeks will be presenting the arcane and his correspondence with asanas to end reflect on the sacred geometry of our body and its hidden language. Write this series Carmen Viejo.

Keyword: "Dharma"

"The great kindness of these words, that the beings of all realms of samsara, in the sphere of primordial perfection, reach Nirvana". (Testament of Longchenpa)

With ten the lessons of the MicroWorld are initiated. If the previous arcana represent the universal archetypes, the following embody ten attitudes to conquer. Wheel (also called wheel of Fortune) links both worlds, and shows that these lessons can be traversed from ignorance and unconscious nature, or wisdom, or conscious nature. At the top of the wheel, the Sphinx reminds that double nature human, animal, and divine, and the possibility of turning to the spiral if gets to respond to the questions posed by the four elements: air, fire, water and Earth, life and the activ human homosexuality.

The wheel is also a symbolism of the Cosmos, a circumference and a central axis. This Cosmos is ordered according to intrinsic laws which make it eternal and ever-evolving. These laws, only suspected by human beings, are the source of the Dharma or order that all it concerns. You can go in your favor, letting ourselves be carried away by it and learning from each turn, or you can go back, which will make it risky to advance and will seem that we involucionamos. The wheel continues its course; the decision is if you follow it consciously or unconsciously.

Ten, value of this mystery, is a line and a circle, and is the origin of the infinite, since it can be repeated himself playing with the digits without end. But it will never be in a simple straight line, nor in circle, but in spiral, symbol of the evolution, development and growth. By extension, life and the pursuit of that centre of which he started and which you return.

Outside the Center, everything revolves. But the Center has always been there, unchanged.

Correspondence in asanas

Parshva Vakra Trikonasana draw in the space, to make it into its two halves, the X of the Roman ten. From a stance of open arms and legs apart, turn first to one side and flexed to reach with the right arm left ankle, while the other arm is raised. This medium X will be completed with the completion of the position to the opposite side. Four forces act in different directions, coming together in the Center: leg stretch, column swing, hip flexion and lateralization of sides. The X is a symbol of sacrifice and delivery of the parts to the whole.

In Trishulasana, the "Trident", the high "v" of the X-descends to the ground, when the practitioner flexes the trunk forward, with the legs apart, lowering his head while the hands touch on both sides of the foot. Thereby generate a beautiful symbol, multiple and never quite understood meanings: is the sign of the "Hail Mary", "A" and an "M" intertwined and overlapping, generating a horizontal spiral, found two fish, a stretch of DNA, a magic square... All of them are equally suggestive.

The position is reached in Janu Chakrasana, "the wheel of knees", making a windmill with arms, while the right down, the left ascends from behind, well elongating that side, to turn us to the right and try to touch the opposite heel. Without going into technical aspects, only warn that it is not necessary to touch the heel, especially if this retread hips, that must move forward with the abdomen collected and controlled to avoid injury. Wheel left as we have come, with the mill of arms and resting finally in "La Liebre" or Shashankasanabefore the other side. To Ascend, always something has to go down.

Finally access "The Sphinx", "Royal Cobra" or Bhujangendrasanawhere the trunk and head rise, like legs flexed, while the abdomen and hips are touching the ground. With hands resting and attracting back, Chin up, the practitioner looks forward, losing his mind in the infinity of the desert. The question is in the air: "who you are, where you come, where are you going"... The Sphinx has been since ancient times the guardian of the great existential answers, devouring carrier of the immortal and mortal nature.

Note: Study and effect of Parshva Vakra Trikonasana, Trishulasana, Janu Chakrasana, Shashankasana and Bhujangendrasana, on pages 93, 151, 132, 159 and 121 of "Yoga. Theory, practice and methodology", Manuel Morata.

Carmen old. Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Yoga Vedanta Academy (School of Sivananda) and by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (school Manuel Morata).


"Yoga and arcane: understanding and practice":

1st removal: from 24 to 30 July

2nd removal: 7-August 13

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