Arcane No. 3: Trikonasana, the Empress

The sense of the asana touches the essence of magic origin of Yoga. As with the arcana of the Tarot, the asanas have much more than what they are. 22 weeks will be presenting the arcane and his correspondence with asanas to end reflect on the sacred geometry of our body and its hidden language. Write this series Carmen Viejo.

Keyword: "Daughter"

"Mycenaean seal which shows the seated goddess next to the tree of life, the figure of a younger daughter emerges from the Earth as the spirit of new life". (Anne Baring and Jules Cashford)

Number three is ruled by Jupiter and Venus, both announcers of splendor and new life. The Empress is the arcane number three and symbolizes the multiplicity and fertility. This young woman is communicative and hopeful and as Persephone, remember that life and death are cyclical and are renewed the one on the other.

The mind is sterile, nature is passive: the union of both makes possible a demonstration carrying both of development and wealth. A promise that, while to regenerate it, will be the culmination of the evolution.

The Empress also represents the three-phase time: past, present and future. In the asana this time is represented by the phases of make, maintain and dispose, the three fundamental alike:

Create the asana is to build knowledge, from an archetypal form an adaptation, without losing the essence of the meaning.

Keep the asana is an experience of life, consistency and harmony, surpassing the effort and generating a transmutation to energy, mental and physical level.

Undo an asana is a conscientious and assimilation so that what comes out is a form of what came.

Yogic breathing also respects this three-phase rate, with its stages of inhalation or expansion, maintenance or fullness, and exhalation or release, emulating the ages of all manifestation.

Correspondence in asanas

Trikonasana It is in the asanas the purest triangle form, especially when the opening between the legs is equal to the length of those in search of the form of the equilateral. Based on Earth, laterality in legs and vertex in the center of the hips, arm extended the rise of the triangle as the life that, once born, tends to soar into the sky.

Parshvatan Trikonasana It is the lateral triangle shape and favors opening sack that develops sensitivity and ability to communicate, equal the daughter comes the family bringing expressiveness, sweetness and union between the parties. With the same opening of legs than in the previous asana, we first alargaremos the trunk to one side, without raising a hip on the other, and with the extension of the side-arm. After assimilating, repeats the asana to the other side. Finally we observed in resting breathing on both sides at the same time, filling us with such sensitivity and sweetness that comes from the inside. Without sensitivity, there is no possible development.

Shaktiasana It promotes the unblocking of the sacrum and the renewal of life energy. Lying face down, legs are folded by knees and joints the legs and feet, dropped to the ground to one side. The front supports in the hands. Breathe several times prior to undo, to rest and to deal with the other side.

Utthita Mandukasana or "High frog" is fastened over United two heels, while the knees open to the sides, and whole body low squatting also forming a large triangle, like a flower arrested in appearance and yet with great dynamism to the stand tall and soar on the tips of the feet. The hands remain in position of chi mudra on the legs, utilizing the power of this flower. The buttocks come to touch the heels. The frog sings the communicative and fraternal melody of nature that announces the renewal of life.

Note: Study and effects of Trikonasana and Parshvatan Trikonasana on pages 80 and 91 of Yoga. Theory, practice and methodology and Utthita Mandukasana on page 319 of Yoga. Enlargement, both Manuel Morata.

Carmen old heir (Ahimsa)

Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Yoga Vedanta Academy (School of Sivananda) and by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (school Manuel Morata).


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