Arcane No. 1: Tadasana, magician

The sense of the asana touches the essence of magic origin of Yoga. As with the arcana of the Tarot, the asanas have much more than what they are. 22 weeks will be presenting the arcane and his correspondence with asanas to end reflect on the sacred geometry of our body and its hidden language. Write this series Carmen Viejo.

Keyword: "Insider".

The Tarot is a set of figures that symbolically express the work of man to carry out its evolution”. (Paul Marteau)

Symbolic man, decided to carry out its evolution in a conscious way, is the Insider. In the Tarot, it is represented by the magician, for its ability to act on Heaven and Earth, in the physical plane and the mental, combining their potential in a creative impulse that generates an individuality.

In the Sadhana yoga, is the practitioner or sadhaka. He who takes the path of Yoga with two conditions: abhyasa, constancy to along time, without interruption, and with faith in what he does; and vairagya or the correct intention of evolution, overcoming and unselfishness.

Correspondence with asana

It is important then, to stand up, for the first time consciously. In the yoga session represents the first asana, basic and complex in its simplicity: Tadasana, "Palm tree". To stand between heaven and Earth meant the beginning of conscious of human evolution. It was a daring Act of a restless being that freed his hands to act and create your destination.

Straightening on both feet requires attention to how you walk on the Earth; If there is respect towards her, we strengthen well with each plant of the foot, as if they were roots, and we will be aligning the rest of our body Castle activate vital energy, moderating our instincts, freeing the vertebral segments and opening up to the outside world with the heart and the head in tune.

Eka Pada Tadasanaabout a foot and balance, a hero does insider, free and independent, as prudent as brave, as attentively as fast, a skilful intermediary who with healthy and balanced mind put hands to work, dominating the initial anxiety and trend blind to dispersion.

Finally, and although we are not facing an inverted arcane, we can propose to the archetype of the Magus meditation in Shirsashana, as first Insider learning is to understand that "as above, it's down", that we are reflections of a Cosmos and the Mission of conscious evolution is to order the personal world in the image of the universe.

The number 1 is a newcomer, a reborn. Upside down, is born as if this world was invested or be reflex, just the reflection, than it is in origin. And the art of living was emulated that origin and bring to Earth the other world.

It is enough to inspire Shirshasana running a summary of the long list of effects Manuel Morata lists in his treatise Yoga. Theory, practice and methodology applied: "Change of polarity and investment in receipt of cosmico-teluricas energy, gives self-confidence, renewing the psychic balance, development of intellectual faculties, concentration and creativity... Shirshasana is a spiritual activator, but only the persevering practitioner has at once wonderful and ineffable aspects secret and living proof."

Note: Study and effect of Tadasana and Shirshasana on pages 71, 72, 238 and 239 of Yoga. Theory, practice and methodology, and Eka Pada Tadasana on page 301 and 302 of Yoga. Enlargement, both Manuel Morata.

(Next week: Bhadrasana, the Priestess)

Carmen old heir (Ahimsa)

Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Yoga Vedanta Academy (School of Sivananda) and by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (school Manuel Morata).

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