The best Asana 4 for going to sleep

These positions will allow you to sleep like a baby, i.e. with a quality sleep, serene, relaxing and restoring both body as mind. Take advantage of them: yoga has given them us so we use them with generosity.

1 Viparita Karani legs resting on the wall

Sit sideways against the wall, raises your legs up on the wall. Keep active legs pressed against the wall and then relaxing several times. With a breath deep, loose joints of the thigh bones. Relax, go to your interior.

2 Jatara Paravartanasana or torque of the serpent.

Lying face-up, folded right leg by placing the foot on the other knee. Put your left hand on the knee that is in the air and slowly sees carrying the right knee toward the floor on the left side of your body. Stretch the right arm to the right and turn your head to the same side. Keep your posture a few breaths and repeat the exercise on the other side.

3. Supta Baddha Konasana, reclining with legs open and soles of the feet together

Lie down on a pillow. Bend the knees and dropped the legs on each side by opening the hips. Open the chest by rotating the shoulders outwards and arms relaxed at sides, palms up.

4 Sukhasana

Sit with your back straight. Cross the legs. Push the tailbone to the floor and from the diaphragm attracts blades holding shoulders back. Corolilla into the sky.
Place your hands on your knees. Empty the mind while you focus on your breathing and your body. Internalize you for 10 minutes

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