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We open this new section in which we will publish what Swami Satyananda Saraswati was sharing in their satsangs. This took place in the Ashram of Rikhiapeeth. Translated to the Spanish by Satyananda Yoga Publications, SL

If the mind is not kept clean with the constant practice of meditation, the mind becomes unbalanced. Meditation away the impurities of the mind, frees all the pain and suffering and eliminate the cause of the pain. We learn to exercise supreme control over our nerve currents, muscles and quench the emotions that are skin-deep. There is that calm them feelings, those instincts and those impulses gradually through a meditation silent and regular.

Through a practical system paused, we can give a new orientation to our feelings. The worldly mind can become a fully divine, serene and balanced mind. In this way, meditation allows the applicant to access land for a permanent peace. Our main duty of each of us is trying to purify, concentrate, ponder and recognize our divine essence.

During meditation, the mind is calm and firm. Through the calm mind, we can enjoy the perfect harmony and happiness without disturbances and constant peace. We can come to the yoga of equanimity, samatvam.

When meditation is deep, we experience the perfect knowledge with awareness and recognize the inner soul silence. This state of Supreme peace can not be experienced without before cleaning the impurities of the mind through the japa, the service, giving, pranayama, etc. Then we must follow the path of introspection, contemplation and meditation.

Without the help of meditation, the layers covering the soul, the Atman, they can not be deleted.

Translated into Spanish by Satyananda Yoga Publications, SL.

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