Training Yoga dynamic and meditation

A course that seeks personal transformation through the development of our potential, balance, serenity and wisdom. The practices of the traditions of Yoga, Buddhism and Mindfulness into Western psychology are used to, progressively.

January to December 2007. Two Saturdays a month from 10.00 to 15.00 + weekend + five days in summer (see dates in)

Training and practice in depth

  • Of the the fundamentals of the hatha to the experience of vinyasa and the meditation
  • Rigor and reflection in first person
  • Experience of transformation
  • Different traditions, one direction
  • Practices proposed to make in house with help of videos and audios

We only teach what we practice and have experienced ourselves. By that you propose 4 training modules, in which we offer you practices to develop and the theoretical knowledge necessary to substantiate your experience. In addition there will be an intensive mandatory weekend where will be intensively part of training module 3 and one optional week which will deepen in practice and teaching.

The training is complemented by a weekly yoga session at the school, with meditation audios, videos of classes and readings proposed to develop a practice at home

The Training in Yoga and meditation (FYM) Yoga Anandamaya has been designed in order to create a space where participants learn to build the habit of a personal practice to experience firsthand the benefits of yoga and meditation and acquire a solid understanding of the context of study, of the mind and its application in everyday life.

The course seeks to one individual transformation, the development of practices to evolve our potential, balance, serenity and wisdom. The practices of the traditions of Yoga, Buddhism and Mindfulness into Western psychology are used to, progressively.

Three texts will be studied for deepen the study of the human mind: andOGA Sutras, Dhammapada, and live fully the Crisis.


  • Develop a correct personal practice, for the evolution and self-transformation.
  • Acquire knowledge on the study of the mind within the traditions of yoga, Buddhism and Western psychology.
  • Learn of the body and the body, discovering their inseparability with the emotion and thought.
  • Establish the theoretical basis and practice of physical exercises (Asana), from a pedagogical point of view.
  • The effect of the breath on the mind and physical health.
  • Practice and advancing the practice of meditation with physical movement, in position sitting and lying down position.
  • The development of mental peace as essential for the development of our potential, freeing us from stress, anxiety, and disease.
  • Emotional management.
  • Learn how to develop yoga sessions, session of relaxation and meditation sessions.

Development of a session attendance

The sessions will be mostly practical, so that accessing an experience of transformation. It will deliver practices and material of reading to develop in house. In all sessions, in addition to the theoretical elements will be developed and a session of yoga and meditation.


Module 1: The development of serenity and peace in the physical and mental level. In January, February and March

      • Origin of Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga source.
      • The fundamentals of the practice.
      • Earth elements: the basis of yoga positions and the basis for the development of the mind. The spine: anatomical and energy perspective. Muscles and bones.
      • Water element: The pelvis (key item) and joints. Flow in the movement.
      • Breathing: controlled or uncontrolled?, Anatomy of the breath.
      • Breathing Uyayi
      • Mental relaxation: the substrate of the body and the mind. Develop a practice of relaxation.
      • Understanding of some sutras.
      • Asanas of foot (positions of yoga) and some asanas end.
      • Meditation on the body.
      • The understanding of the pain.
      • End of module: develop a small practice by applying the acquired knowledge.

Module 2. The development of concentration and introduction to mindfulness and emotional management. In April, may, June

      • Water element: development and deep understanding of the vinyasa yoga: join the movement and breathing. The desire.
      • Element of fire: abdomen, digestion. the meaning of agni, the bandhas.
      • Constant practice. Your understanding through the work with asanas, meditation and the study of the texts.
      • Pranayama: the science of breath, the benefits of retention, why and for what. Energy channels.
      • The gunas.
      • Asanas sitting (yoga poses) and some asanas end.
      • Meditation with object in the breath.
      • -Samatha - concentration at attention full - satipatthana-: understanding through the dhammapada.
      • End of module: develop a small practice by applying the acquired knowledge.

Module 3. Deep understanding of the mind. Weekend in July and two Saturdays in September.

      • The combination of those three elements: Earth, water and fire
      • Air element: the girdle: lungs, rib cage and diaphragm.
      • The change. Impermanence. Your understanding through the work with asanas, meditation and the study of the texts.
      • Pranayama.
      • Asana asanas and seated late.
      • Emotions: understanding and transformation of negative emotions.
      • Meditation: the impermanence.

Module 4. The inner silence. In October, November and December.

      • The combination of the four elements: Earth, water, fire and air.
      • Ether element: empty. Understanding through working with asanas and meditation.
      • The Dristhis.
      • Practice to apply at that time.
      • Deepening in the texts.
      • Preparation of full sessions.

Topics in depth with great teachers. The complete Sunday dates to be determined)

Danilo Hernandez: The development of the Interior silence. Sunday, February 26, Sunday, March 12. Price: €130, students training €65 (optional)

Friendly Diaz: The theoretical context and the practical management of stress and anxiety.

Lula gray: Deep States of consciousness.

We have probably also with a visit to a Buddhist teacher and throughout the academic year the school will offer intensive different traditions of meditation and yoga teachers of years and life of dedication.


  • The price includes the material sent by mail, audio and pdf of practices and recommended reading.
  • Price of registration (only is charged in the process of initial formalization of registration): €50. Surrenders yoga mat
  • Price per month: €90. The price includes 1 weekly yoga session at the school. They are paid by quarter 1 St module: January, February and March, 2nd module: April, may and June and 4 modules: €270. The 3rd module: €290 (weekend more training September)
  • Price of the weekend intensive (with food and accommodation): 200 €
  • Price of the removal of summer (with food and accommodation): 550 (optional)
  • Seminars with guest teachers will have a reduction of 50%.


It will deliver a degree skolar 100 h teaching if they are completed every week and weekend - 140 h teaching with five days in summer. And 180 h lectures with guest teachers seminars.

It teaches: Isabel Ward, Yoga practitioner since 2003, authorized for teaching since 2008. During all those years, he has continued training in Yoga, meditation, Mindfulness, and psychology. His main teachers have been Danilo Hernandez, of the line of Swami Satyananda Saraswaty, and see Dhammasami, master Buddhist of the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw.

Where: Anandamaya yoga. C / Alcalá, 68, first right. Madrid. At the school you have clothing and equipment necessary for the practice

Sign is: The fee is paid on a quarterly basis. Loose previous interview modules can be made and according to experience.

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