DIY / Master Class at IFEMA in Madrid

The celebration of the international day of Yoga at IFEMA will start with a one-hour Master Class. During the first half hour will be screened a video produced by the Government of the India that will be practiced by all the millions of people that are going to celebrate this day in all countries.

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The second half hour, will propose different Yoga practices by organizing schools.

At the end of the Master Class you will have the opportunity to learn about Yoga, know centers and schools, and enjoy different activities full of joy.


  • 10.00 - Reception of participants.
  • 10.30 - Inauguration of the international day of Yoga.
  • 11.00 - 30 minutes from the Yoga Master Class screening.
  • 12.00 - Schools representatives of the Organization will then offer a class in different areas of the Pavilion; You can go to the class you want, looks for your school. You can also find training on Yoga and the different proposals for centers and participating schools at the tables enabled inside the Pavilion.

Requirements to participate in the Master Class:

  • Take your own non slip mat for the class (note that the organization does not have mats)
  • Bring with you a bottle of water and the elements that you normally use for your practice.
  • If you've never practiced yoga, you're very welcome. You must only provide any yoga mat.
  • It is convenient to come dressed very comfortable and fresh.
  • For time spent sitting - exercises of breathing or meditation - bring with you (if necessary) a small pillow or a blanket or anything that can replace it.

Very important notice:

The Master Class will propose movements and body positions which perhaps you don't agree if you have any medical condition or medical disability. Yoga teachers who will be present, can help you to replace some of those positions. Even so, take into serious consideration the following indications:

  • If you have complaints or conditions of some sort in your cervical spine (neck), seeks to move your head slowly and without complete movements (for example: not to shut the neck in any direction).
  • If you have complaints or conditions of any kind in the dorsal or lumbar spine (high or low part of the back), try not to bend your back and lengthens the spine. Ask teachers and assistants.
  • If you do not have experience or you don't know how to replace a position or a movement, do not overdo or do anything that you feel that it bothers you. Always question.

Remember that you are responsible for your body. Your assistance to participate in the Master Class and other classes of yoga is that you don't have any disease or ailment preventing you exercise.

Look at collaborating institutions by clicking here.

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