Ayurveda tips to care for allergies and spring asthenia

Dr. Kiran Valsan graduated in medicine and specialized in Ayurveda. He was responsible for the Centre of Sri Sri Ayurveda in Kerala. Currently he is giving a series of lectures by Europe for this medicine. It will give a talk on May 5, at 7 pm. in the library Eugenio Trias of the Park of the Retiro, in Madrid.


Kiran is specialist in Nadi Pareeksha (diagnosis through the pulse) their experience, professionalism and his love for the Ayurveda allow that your practice is exercised under the form traditional and pure.

Ayurveda, the word Vikruti is used to designate the State of health present of a person. This may be affected by seasonal changes, travel to a new location or the passage from one stage to another of life. Although your true essence (what is called Prakriti) never changes, the changes that you notice by external circumstances, can make you feel like a different person, for better or for worse. By that the Vikruti helps to describe your Constitution of way more accurate, based is in what you is happening at this same time.

If this spring you are tired and low vitality, here are some recommendations that may help you.

  1. How fit is to the spring according to the Ayurveda?

Often, at the beginning of spring we feel heavy and slow. Spring asthenia, colds, allergies, excess mucus in the lungs or sinus, asthma, nausea, weight gain, fluid retention or heaviness in the limbs and the numbing, even emotional, are symptoms that are due to an excess of Kapha in the environment. However, if we manage to balance Kapha in our body we can combat these symptoms and feel strong, serene and stable (also attributes of Kapha).

At that time, the impurities inside the body merge due to the rise in temperature in the environment. Liquid toxins obstruct the ducts of the body and, when these are blocked, nutrients do not properly reach the cells, and the capacity of the immune system to resist the allergens becomes saturated. This is the mechanism that gives place to the allergies spring-congestion and itching nasal, eyes teary-that are between the first 10 causes of visit to the medical.

How to balance it? Imagine your body as a glass of juice of Orange. If remains much time still in a position, the pulp is accumulated in the Fund. The Yogis believed that the same happens in our body, particularly in the organs. In this case, the pulp is not organic matter undigested, that we take through the air we breathe and the food. With sufficient hydration and exercise, these toxins can emerge through the skin (by sweat), breath, urine and bowel movements.

2 How to strengthen immune system?

It is not enough to treat the symptoms. The long term solution is delving into the ultimate cause of allergies and strengthen the immune system so it can resist to allergens. A diet that includes spices with capacity to combat allergies, for example:

  • Turmeric (anti-inflammatory capabilities, also improves digestion and balances the biliary flow)
  • Sage
  • Red pepper
  • Cumin
  • Cilantro
  • Fennel

3. how to help the body in its own spring cleaning?

  1. Kapha diet: avoid eating heavy, hard-to-digest foods.
  2. It avoids or reduces tastes sweet, sour or salty.
  3. Take juice of sweet fruits (but not at night).
  4. Add the above spices to stimulate digestion and detoxify the skin.
  5. Can drinking water hot (if have imbalance in Pitta, that is warm) for help to liquefy them impurities digestive that are have accumulated.
  6. Exercise daily (and avoid the NAPs also you will help)

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