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A book affordable and pleasant at the same time serious and rigorous about the ECM (near-death experiences), a subject of growing interest and debate. With a foreword by acclaimed doctor Pim van Lommel. Edit Kairos. Price: €16

ECMChallenging our preconceptions about the effects of the near-death (ECM) experiences they have in the living, Dr. Penny Sartori in his doctoral research and his years of experience as a nurse in intensive care was inspired to open his eyes to the lessons that we can learn from the ECM.

Apart from the science of the ECM, Dr. Sartori shows us, through the study of observed evidence and documentary research, which those who have experienced an ECM can help us to live a full and meaningful lives. A book that break obsolete conceptions about death, dying, and paradoxically less than it seems, life and living.

The author

Penny Sartori is a doctor in medicine, nurse midwives, an expert in ECM and coordinator of the first prospective long-term study done on this subject in the United Kingdom. She is the author of The Near-Death Experiences of Hospitalized Care Patients and he gives lectures at national and international level.

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