The drugs and the yoga, stories and reality / 1st part

If I give a pill that I granted all those siddhis (achievements spiritual), it would reject. And if they offered me a pill (red or blue) to reach samadhi, would say: "No, thanks". Writes Joaquin G. Weil.


"The siddhis can be achieved through good karma of birth, drug use, repetition of mantras, the burning of the practice or samadhi (concentration or complete union)." Yoga Sutra of Patanjali (4.1)

I tend to notice when I teach yoga classes, especially when people are desperate to difficulties, that if they give us a pill that us would immediately lead to success in practice, light mental, emotional peace, power, balance, etc. that pill not us serve as much. Is as compare it climbing to a mountain with a ride in helicopter on the top. It is not the same.

There is a part of the Yogasutras of Patanjali with no match at all. And it is the part of the siddhis, so-called spiritual attainments. It seems to me a fall into a spin from the general tone of the writing. LYou siddhis are a candy for kids, a popularization, the promise of a politician at election time. Many times there will be that repeat that achievements spiritual or them "powers mental", on the one hand, and evolution spiritual, by another, are two things completely different, even in sometimes to opposite.

But by there continues having who intend to perform wonders for show that are santos or that have reason in all what is them pass by the head. Dr. Phulgenda Sinha in his Yoga Sutra of Patanjali with a History of its Textual Distortion says that that so revered book of Patanjali, as what we know today, can be truffled of added spurious.

Precisely the life is the entire process of overcoming of difficulties. Equal that the grace of the Everest is the climbing towards the top, not the ride in helicopter by it high, as much as is easy and comfortable. What happens is that in a time given of the history is gave the option. Equal if is gave in a time given the option of save is the feat of it climbing, the adventure of it evolution personal through the practice of the yoga and the meditation... with so only a pill or drench...

In yoga and meditation a mm is more than a meter, because the mind tuned (as the name indicates) to it fine, so subtle, it small. By that the helicopter of the chemical or of the herbalist not us can carry up to the top of our evolution as people. You can not help us in that.

Also happened that the Kairos Editorial sent me the book recent envelope Claudio Naranjo The life and his teachings, where spoken (in interview with) Javier Esteban), among many other things, inquiries and experiences of this prominent psychiatrist with various substances enlargers of conscience. Claudio Naranjo has had efforts, from the beginning of his career, building bridges between the physical traditions of East and West New psychotherapy. Personally Naranjo, leading pioneer of psychedelia, stopped experimenting with substances entheogenic who had known in the sixties of the last century and now only once a year, which should be baby ayahuasca as the toast with champagne or cider at Christmas dinner.

But the ayahuasca not is a joke, but a cooking of plants synergistic, that not supported in any way the use curious or playful, but only ritual, perhaps as the own soma of the Rig Veda. Perhaps with a similar chemistry... So I want to in this reflection to tie both ends of the reasoning...

As the own Claudio Naranjo says: "not everything can be a party in this life".

In principle they can be set two categories of substances psychotropic: which cloud the consciousness and the memory through the numbness or the euphoria, and which, by the contrary, supposedly it expand. Let's talk first about the first type: the entorpecientes.

Makes few weeks, a young practitioner of yoga I asked about the compatibility or the incompatibility of the use of psychotropic (is referred to them illegal) with the practice of the yoga. But "legal" or "illegal" as it is logical does not alter the essence of the thing, but it is an additive that authorities stamped on a particular chemical compound, or plant. Also from last other students I speak of that consume chemical of the soul prescription by their medical. A phenomenon too often.

Crutches for the mind

The humanity has developed numerous advances, between which sparsely is can compute the made of that them people, of way tired extended, consume these crutches of the mind for power, not climbing mountains of the spirit or face challenges immense, but simply for cope with the day to day.

Legal or illegal, the issue is that si the substance numbs or clouds consciousness is clearly against the direction of the practice of yoga and meditation, which is to awaken us to attention, concentration and mental clarity. I understand that some people consider that in certain moments of their lives the need. But inevitably it becomes a day in that, if they want to continue in your personal evolution, have to go in the other direction, along the path to consciousness.

In this point noted a difference axial between the way that the medicine of here and the ayurveda of beyond have of treat the agitation, the depression or the disorder mental. Allopathic medicine is using chemicals that induce sedation or drowsiness, remedies tamasic, which one could say in Sanskrit. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, which seeks is the energizing of the mind.

The mind need not numb you but win enough force to shake is the confusion that the clouds. With as so-called "recreational drugs", are legal as alcohol and tobacco or illegal as hemp, happens much. He relajo that seek is tamasico, a veil, a drowsiness that not removes but cover the confusion and it tension pre-existing, in sometimes accompanied by certain euphoria (rajasica) prior, borrowed (not gift) by its chemical.

In the West too often is associated with the divertimento with the stunning or the unconsciousness. Obviously, all of this is related to the yogic principle of saucha.

Calculation that les will pass to more people: in numerous occasions that hear or read to someone talk on them yamas and niyamas, me gives it feeling of be hearing to an altar server or to a cure pastor.

Doubtful is that the ingestion or the smoke of the hemp can dirty more the body that the content of a package of snacks, which, reading the long list of them ingredients, gives the printing of that not them have since more additives chemical because already not them fit in the on. In a package of so-called French fries I counted up to six types of sugars and artificial sweeteners is different, not to mention various flavour enhancers and colorants. What wrong must be them minds of them manufacturers... almost worse that those bodies of them consumers usual of their products.

More harmful carcinogenic additives, carbonated beverages or snacks (aspartame up above), are the Poisons of the mind: fears, fanaticism and santurronerias.

And yet, to deepen more in the reading, saucha not only refers to the cleaning of the body or mind, but primarily to the clean energy body, in relation to the body mental and the physical. I'm going to give you a practical example: Kunjal Kriya. Not only is relative to the cleaning of stomach through the ingestion and threw from water, but to the cleaning energy. That was the reading and the use that you gave the psychotherapist American Alexander Lowen, creator of the bioenergetics, with evident inspirations yogic. To tell of the same, Löwen it practiced all those days. Indeed, the ayahuasca tends to have also an effect Emetic such, besides others plants Amazon as the piripri, used in rituals of healing traditional (shamanic), while no effects psychoactive.

In this sense saucha is the cleaning of tensions physical and all those phenomena emotional and mental that are rigged. This is one of the main purifying tasks of yoga: cleanse the body of tensions that white, as well as the mind. Which goes to backwash of the use of any type of drug addictive or numbing.

(This article will continue next Monday)

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Joaquín García Weil He graduated in philosophy, yoga teacher and Yoga room Málaga director. Practice Yoga for 20 years and teaches it since makes eleven. He is a student of Swami Rudradev (leading disciple of Iyengar), with whom he has learned in Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India. He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri de Benarés, among other masters. More information:

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