A musical journey to awaken the inner cosmos

Concert of Bilas, high vibration, with Mark polished campaigns. In Madrid (December 11), Zaragoza (8 January) and Barcelona (January 9).


The Bilasalso described as plain sockets of high vibration, are a new instrument discovered in 1989 in Russia, and Bilas game of Polishing mark It is currently the largest in the world with 75 different tunings. Some emit frequencies such as those of the solfeggio or the effects of alpha and Theta waves.

The properties of this instrument and its sound power allow for very special concerts without amplifying. The incredible length of their sound and the wide range of harmonics and frequencies reach large distances, being incomparable with any other existing instrument.

There are four or five sounds harmoniously intertwined in each Bila. Some of the bigger ones weighing up to 43 kilos and with a single blow can ring up to 5 minutes. When doing sound at the same time several Bilas emerge sound worlds that reach long distances. Stimulating and harmonizing the frequency correctly can be the listener to States of meditation and deep relaxation.

The sound of the Bilas is a strong resonance that reflects the Cosmic nature of the sound. It is a source of such vibration, which generates radiation of ultrasonic resonance frequencies. Their sound is enigmatic, and opens the door to a transcendent world above worldly concerns.

The power that have these sounds affect brain waves, rolling back the imbalance and quickly aligning the cerebral hemispheres to retrieve the inner harmony and awakening the original vibration.

Polishing mark

Bilas concert with opens a new musical concept to develop moments of healing, reflection and group meditations. With his music investigates new sounds, blends and merges instruments of start-ups looking to make audible sounds of nature between hypnotic melodies.

Their concerts are pursued mainly cause a transcendent experience in listeners, beyond any acoustic conception or musical style. With the sound basis of a tool with special properties and being one of the few performers in the world, researching new sounds to create different atmospheres acoustic and silent spaces to expand the limits of the known and the unknown.

Since the Bilas to Mark Pulido were built in 2011, this has given concerts by all Spain, mainly in sacred places such as cathedrals, monasteries, churches, castles and hermitages recovering the original powers of the love of these places.

The concerts

-December 11, 2015: in Madrid . Church of San Manuel and San Benito. c/Alcalá 83, at 20:45

Advance tickets sale: https://www.ticketea.com/entradas-concierto-mark-pulido-madrid/

-8 of January 2016: in Zaragoza. Church of Santa Isabel and San Cayetano. Justice square, 1. at 20:45

Advance tickets sale: https://www.ticketea.com/entradas-concierto-mark-pulido-zaragoza/

-9 of January 2016: in Barcelona. Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi. Plza. Pi 7, 20:45

Advance tickets sale: https://www.ticketea.com/entradas-concierto-mark-pulido-barcelona/

Price: (advance) € 15 - €20 at the box office

It organizes: Prana Ananda / https://www.facebook.com/prana.ananda.9

centreiogaprana@gmail.com - Sergi - 670-059-477

More information about Mark Pulido: http://khyma.es/quien-es-mark-pulido/

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnPGhBsS-hs

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