The relationship with others

We are beings of relationship. We are doomed to relate us with the rest of people and beings that occupy this planet. Since we are born we require attention, while we live we can lend them and at the end we will need again care of others. In one way or another way, life is responsible for bring us closer to others, and there is where the quality of relationships will give its fruits. Writes Raul Santos Caballero.

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The relationship, as opposed to the meeting, should be molded and perfected. Often the result of a relationship is the mixing of the contents of the people who compose it, but on the other hand the law of impermanence also conditions relations wear, because these do not escape their nature of transience.

Therefore, relations are a clear reflection of our ability to manage and interact with other people, since they allow in many cases leave visible our deficiencies or erroneous points of view, and They trace a path of learning It starts always from oneself.

We can relate from the self or ego. If we allow the ego to mediate, we will see continuous times through a mist that will not let us see the person in question, because it will be colored, labeled, tagged and arrogaremos him qualities even of which lacks. The ego, from its self-defence, will try to project into the other connotations that arise often from our own shortcomings, because faced with insecurity and fear of confronting them, we prefer to see it argued in others. That tarnished vision makes us to believe what is not and does not allow us to see what is. Thus fluency is lost in the communication channel (that is not always verbal), because with so much traffic message occurs a departure from reality.

Relate is sharing the same life stage with other beings. We do by first reconcile with ourselves and we will be more able to intersperse with others. Let's make ego a Secretary, but that not pushing more than necessary. Let relations learning to explore us and learn. We all have something to tell. We see that negative emotions emerge when we relate, as envy, rage, jealousy, and try to amplify other good as patience, understanding, fairness qualities... Relate from firmness, without taking advantage and not be exploited, without disregarding and without being inconsiderate.

We are a planet composed of sentient beings that we need all of all. We do for balance and harmonize each of our relationships, so, enrich them.

The search engine understands that in the way it is not just, because part of it is based on interact with others. He knows that is everyone and no one, and although it has undertaken a relationship inward journey, comprising are the external where the balance that emanates from one will be reflected.

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