The energy structure of the body, balances and imbalances

The energy structure of the subtle body has polarity. The vibration frequency of the energy, the underside of the trunk (perineum) and its branching towards the Earth (legs) is the negative side, yin, female. While the upper area (upper head, Crown), the positive pole, yan, male. Writes Paul Rego.


Following the laws of physics, during the life of an energy goes through the body through energy channels (nadis), connecting both poles and creating a circuit bioelectrical and a field magnetic bioelectro (aura).

When is the energy not flowing freely, the centers of energy (chakras) They unbalance, downloading or overloading it, producing subtle imbalances and then to physical diseases.

Each chakra (wheel-shaped Energy Center) has a level of energy that must be balanced in relation to itself and others. As in any system, there must be a relationship of balance and harmony in each level in particular and the entire system in general.

The positive and negative poles of our energy structure will be moderating towards the inside. As well as the upper pole is becoming a little less positive as you are descending on the position of the body, the lower pole is becoming less negative as it goes up.

If one or more centers of power become unbalanced, downloading or overloading of power, the area of the body close to this chakra that produces its processes will be influenced by the vibration of the energy in the area. The unbalance is the intensity and vibration of energy in an area in particular, its subtle influence create a dysfunction in the physical body in that area, creating an imbalance that we will call symptom (pain or other), somatization disorder or disease.

These imbalances are often begin for emotional reasons (sadness, anger, fear, etc.), circumstantial or chronic, that affect specific areas of the body depending on the relationship that we have, in addition, with the object that produces them.

How these imbalances affect the conduct

Each chakra is manifested in our conduct influencing the way in which we use the body. For example, if the area of the throat chakra is unbalanced, affect our communication, building a dysphonia, since a sore throat to cervical problems or verbosity.

Power centers are modified by emotions, and at the same time emotions modified behavior. These are influencing the physical body and building an aspect and a world of behavioral habits It will define us and affect us every day.

The seven main energy centres have characteristics that are widely studied and widely explained by different available texts. To illustrate the case we are discussing here will say that:

The Chakra root (1st), located at the base of the trunk, governed and modified with issues relating to the most essential to our material life to be (for example, home and food, work, etc.)

The sexual Chakra (2nd), located slightly above the root and below the navel, governed and is changed to issues related to sex, reproduction, and the creative manifestation. Life is creation arising from sexual activity, and so everything is what we create in the world of matter.

"Solar plexus" (3rd) Chakra is located in the upper part of the abdomen, there where it hurts when we present ourselves in public with fear, slightly above the navel, where the diaphragm creates the permanent movement of the breath. This Chakra governs and is changed to issues for our ability to develop our self. It is the center of personal power.

"Emotional" (4th) Chakra is the center of the chest and amending and governs everything to do with the universal love.

Communication (5th) Chakra is in the throat and is related to the communication of being. Both that express how we are able to accept that they tell us this energy Center and its good or bad performance will allow us to communicate emotions and desires in a natural way, without conflict; and accept what others have to say.

The 6th Chakra is the intuition. It is in the center of the head and runs past the thoughts and the activity of the mind, as Alderman of the whole system of Chakras. If we release intuition silencing the mind, for example through meditation, we will get the full operation of the consciousness, so that this Center will harmonize and screened its harmony for the whole system in a natural way.

The Chakra Crown (7th) is located in the highest area of the body, at the Crown, the last zone in close when we are infants. This is the spiritual or greater connection with the subtle energies of the universe. Its frequency is the highest of the whole system and governed and modifies the FREEWILL-related issues.

The chakras become unbalanced in couple

As we said at the beginning, there is a polarity in all the chakra system, and when there is some imbalance the system seeks to compensate for the lack of one with excess in the other.

The energetic pairs of the body are: chakra root (1st) and Crown (7th) (two extreme poles); chakra (5th) and sexual (2nd) communication (a little deeper in the body); and the two stations: chakra solar plexus (3rd) and emotional (4th). Intuition (6th) chakra governs the entire system and works with its own gravity and independence.

Therefore, when a centre of energy becomes unbalanced downward, downloading, your partner is unbalanced by overloading it and vice versa.

How it works the imbalance and how this manifests itself

1st and 7th chakras:
If the Chakra root becomes unbalanced due to lack of power, possibly suffer material shortage in our lives or fear of scarcity (physically lower back problems, sciatica), and at the same time, at the other end, due to excess in the Crown many fantasy-related ideas, assuming a greater ability to choose will be developed that which we can specify in the material world.

And, vice versa, if we are for others in a fantasy world in which we can choose more of what we really can, it will cost us address the issues of the basic subsistence of life.

S, i on the other hand, root Chakra is unbalanced by excess energy, possibly suffer of excess resources or things, creating obsession by the material, or in the body a reflection of excess as overweight, while Crown Chakra, at the other end will be low energy and we can not decide anything spiritual but that we will be left at the mercy of our material desires. Free will in this case will be conditioned by the material and will cost us to make right decisions to develop more fully, more free and spiritually. The relationship with the matter is inversely proportional to the free will.

2nd and 5th chakras:
If the sexual Chakra is unbalanced due to lack of power, our creative world will be very poor. Also, of course, affect our sexual world, in the form in which we can relate our own sexuality as in relationships we have with one another. Sexual energy is a powerful source that channeled correctly can be used as a means to heal and develop all our spiritual world.

Across this couple of Chakras we have the communication, in the throat, that if you find that your partner is missing energy is unbalance by excess, creating too much communication, developing the critical energy, speaking for others.

Lack of sexual activity can do to decrease the levels of the corresponding Chakra, creating a number of problems in the area of the lymphatic system in the lower area and at the same time too much talk and criticize in the other pole.

If on the contrary the sexual Chakra is unbalanced by default, we may develop obsessions in the world of sex or use creative energy in the wrong places transgressing the rules of universal physics, whereas in this case, it will cost us say and accept what others tell us the 5th Chakra energy deficiency.

Sexual energy is inversely proportional to the communication.

3rd and 4th chakras
If the Chakra solar plexus, where personal power, manifests is unbalanced by default of energy, we will have low self-esteem and suffer of fear and insecurity, problems in the kidneys and intestines, while, at the other pole, the exaggerated emotional Chakra will we give to others too much, downloading us and depressing us.

If instead the 3rd Chakra is sobecargado, we have an attitude of excessive confidence and omnipotence, forcing risky situations for ourselves, or hurting others, while the fourth Chakra is affected by a great difficulty to express love and deliver us to others. From the physical point of view we will suffer from stiffness in the area of the chest, shortness of breath, anxiety and chest tightness.

The power of the self is inversely proportional to the love.

How to balance

As well as the chakras have influence direct and essential in the physical body, affecting the functions of the parts of the body related to its center of power, the fact of mobilizing the physical body influences strong and directly on the chakras, so that If we carry out specific activities in specific areas of the body we manage to harmonise or desarmonizar the corresponding energy centre.

From the point of view of Hatha Yoga, the asanas (postures) and routines that are performed in a session are usually (and must be) related to the different chakras for which, at the time of taking a session of Hatha Yoga (yoga of the body), our centers to release excessive energy or to recharge if they need to. This results in achieving that at the end of a session, and more still, to hold a workout session at the time, our centers are harmonised and we can perceive each area of our development in perspective.

A harmonic relationship (harmony) between the different centers allows live existence with a wide range of emotional, sexual, material stability, creative, making the best decisions for our development, communicating our concerns or emotions correctly and getting the message of the other without conflicts and giving us others constructively without speculations and without losing us of our spiritual Center.

Paul Rego He teaches Yoga. Integral masajista-Terapeuta. Diploma in health Ayurveda

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