Readers think: elitism in yoga

Since I started to do yoga, I found more things good that bad. Among these last, me are worrying and little healthy the postureo and them attitudes elitist that little provide to this discipline and to the students. Writes Rogelio Barreiro.

Elitism yoga

I understand that yoga is and must be an activity available to everyone, regardless of physical condition, age, and convictions of the practitioner. As well, in what took time to practice it, I was finding with postures and quite rigid and even radical visions in this respect.

I refer in particular to those who think that yoga is synonymous with principles and ideas relating to certain eating habits such as vegetarianism or certain lifestyles of religious and even sectarian nature.

In my opinion, this view is exclusive, because contains implied the idea of that the yoga not It is for all the want or need practice, but rather to those who meet certain prerequisites - which is rather absurd, since in that case there would be very few practitioners. I myself, for example, am a martial arts instructor and I have never rejected anyone by their customs, habits or ideology, and the same hope of yoga teachers. Nor am vegetarian, but not demand to my students that it be, that eat of all to have the "privilege" of attend to my classes.

In addition, yoga doesn't have to be limited to any kind of belief, even if it is a discipline of Eastern Court, since religious convictions are a purely personal matter, and in fact, these do not influence or have no real effect on the execution of asanas in no time.

Therefore, I think that not is healthy that is fanatice an activity that both well makes to them people that is approach to it by the motive that is. It important is respect the freedom individual and the right to practice from the students and be tolerant with them ideas of each one whenever not interfere in the practice and the harmony of the environment.

In short, the yoga is the asanas by antonomasia. There is that attempting to keep our ideas to us themselves and leave them out of the study.

Rogelio Barreiro Magi is student of yoga with three years of practice.

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