Summer school Yoga Sivananda: Yoga for kids and vegetarian cuisine

This summer school is a very special opportunity to deepen and complete your training as a teacher or a yoga teacher and enjoy a week of living, teaching, health and joy in Madrid (Zaragoza), from 21 to 28 August. Today we talk about Gauri, Professor of the course 'Learning and teaching vegetarian cuisine', and Yashoda, Professor of 'Teaching yoga to children'.


In the school's summer will be taught four certified courses on topics that currently have taken much interest in the yoga community. It is a way of forming us continuously. In addition, each two day conferences and meditations with Swami Sivadasananda and lot of practice of asanas and pranayama.

'Learning and teaching vegetarian cooking', 26-27 August

Gauri teaching experience of learning and teaching art kitchen vegetarian students who come to this way of eating consciously. She began experimenting with vegetarian cuisine in the 1980s, when there was just a bibliography. Then came the learning in courses and workshops, and then the need to teach what they learned: the first workshops how to make bread or prepare tofu, seitan, preserves, etc. And finally, together with the learning and practice of yoga, Gauri begins to teach in the school, the Sivananda de Madrid, mainly, and some workshops in institutes and ecological consumer associations.

What does the kitchen vegetarian to practice yoga?

It is one of the five basic points which sent Swami Vishnudevananda, so we can incorporate the practice of yoga to our life. It is essential to know which foods enhance and give support to our practice and how to cook them, without having to do a master's degree. And on the other hand, foods should avoid to the benefits of yoga practice are not lost as if they came out into a drain.

'Secret' does this kitchen and also what is the main thing to convey when it is taught?

"Swami Sivananda says:""Simple life thinking, high". This is the secret. The secret is simplicity, simple cuisine that you can easily incorporate into the day to day, which you nurture and of course that gives you pleasure.

If you can, use eco-friendly products.

Nature is varied and rich in variety of foods: fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes. In flavors, colors and textures. And besides, we live in a privileged place, where there is a variety of everything.

To enjoy and take advantage of all the power of food you should eat natural products, in origin, little mix, cook them just enough and eat with attention to perceive its value internally and externally. It is simple.

Would you like to achieve this certificate course of the summer school?

Have the students experience the happiness that a vegetarian meal and how easy that is to prepare the dishes. And you learn that patience is required to go gradually changing habits.

Feed today and in these latitudes has a very strong cultural and social component. And when habits have this imprint, to go making changes you need patience and will. Fortunately the practice of yoga helps and sometimes just takes you there, to vegetarian food.

We quote directly to Swami Vishnudevananda: "Who practice yoga (Yogi) analyses, based on both their knowledge on nutrition as their internal experience, what foods can be consumed and what minimum quantities to cause maximum effect positive on the body and the mind, causing less pain to other beings and the least negative impact on the environment."

'Teaching yoga to children', 27-28 August

Yashoda How has attending not only physical but also emotional growth of your child and other children he was seeing clearly that yoga is an alternative both to the needs of children and for possible shortfalls, physical or emotional, trying at the same time the welfare of children. "It was definitive to me begin to teach." They represent the future, what better gift that to offer, from so early, a so complete tool for development? ", says Yashoda."

In 2008 she began her training in yoga to children ages between 4 and 14 years old, and from the year 2013 collaborates with the Centre de Yoga Sivananda in Madrid at the annual organization of family yoga retreats, attending as Coordinator and teacher of children. In recent years it has included a day a week to share this ancient practice teaching to a group of 15 children.

What are Yoga main benefits for children?

The practice of yoga is very beneficial for any age. If you can highlight is some benefit in particular depending on the physical and mental work is carried out with children, is the improvement in their ability of relaxation, the knowledge of its physical boundaries, to increase flexibility, especially in the age of full growth and hormonal changes and the achievement of a better balance at all levels how bringing a better interconnection between their bodies and their minds.

Aspects such as the fun, space to expand both their bodies as your imagination, put in value its emotions and always be aware of your spiritual side without dogmas are present in all the work we do. Yoga models his character, enhances your ability to concentrate and helps in the incorporation of values such as tolerance, respect and love, much needed for his development as a person.

What are the keys to transmit effectively?

More than keys, I think an attitude by the professor. It needs a committed practice staff from where comes the authenticity to share with others. It must be so in any case the relationship teacher student. However in the world of children acquires total importance, since they connect from the soul and on that plane only communicates with total dedication, authenticity and presence. Kids connect and disconnect a lot quickly. This requires a special concentration by the teacher, giving himself from being, from his heart. Otherwise children do not receive the power of the teacher.

It is also very important to the empathy in order to enter and connect from your world, for what the professor has become a child you can invite the group to perform asanas, relax and share their emotions through working with ethical values. Not just doing the same thing with them, but serving as example for their learning.

Would you like to achieve this certificate course of the summer school?

Teachers who participate to connect with your inner child to learn without reservation and share an experience from the joy and simplicity, so watering the seed children represented as the fruits of the future.

Swami Sivananda, in his book Divine life for the children, offers this dedication: "OM, dedicated to the citizens of tomorrow, hope the future of the world".

I think it is important in this course to be aware of what it means help our children to make contact as soon as possible with your inner power. It would be one of the best contributions that, as adults, we can pass, so that the world can go forward in its evolution.

Swami Vishnudevananda he liked to surround himself with the children and since 1972 has come organizing summer camps, retreats and workshops for children in the different Sivananda Yoga Center in the world, where besides leisure activities the five fundamental aspects of his teaching practice: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.

More information about the summer school

Who the directs: Swami Sivadasananda, one of the main disciples of Swami Vishnudevananda, is the director of the Sivananda Yoga summer school.

Who can attend: those who have already completed their training as teachers at any school and wish to deepen in different fields.

Where: in Madrid, Zaragoza, in Lacasatoya, that magical place already well known by the search engines of the calm and silence.

When: from 21 to 28 August 2015

All courses:

  • Teaching the mechanics of the advanced asanas with Prema. With Prema. 21, 22, 23 and 24 of August
  • Teach yoga to pregnant women. With Lakshmi 24, 25 and 26 August. How to teach teachers to teach yoga to pregnant women in their various stages of gestation.
  • Learning and teaching vegetarian cuisine. With Gauri. 26 and 27 August. How to experience the art of learning and teaching kitchen vegetarian students who come to this way of eating consciously.
  • Teach yoga to children. With Yashoda. 27 and 28 August. Experience yoga in the world of children is a way of giving them an instrument of peace and development for all life.

Final party of the summer school

Festival: 'Yoga and consciousness': from 28 to 30 August

Open to students of yoga from all over the world. A weekend to connect with your inner self.

With Sivananda teachers who come specifically from America and Europe to share their experience in yoga and a very special guest. Fernando Diaz, philosopher, musician and writer, that will give us two lectures and a concert of sitar.

More information and reservations:

Centre international de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta of Madrid. T 913615150

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