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On Tuesday, July 14, Swami Sivananda's Mahasamadhi (1887-1963) was held at the Sivananda Yoga Center in Madrid. During the bidding that took place in the early hours of the morning, the words we presented to you were read, filled with their wisdom.

Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda believed that a person's spiritual evolution should be integral. He advised a combination of selfless service, devotion, meditation and deep philosophical search through one of his great reflections that summarizes the philosophy and practice of yoga:

It serves

The first step on the spiritual path is selfless service to humanity.
To serve humanity is to be in union with the Cosmic Consciousness.
Service will always lift you up and make you divine.
Therefore, it selflessly serves humanity with sincerity and devotion.


Love is joy. Love is warmth.
Light the flame of Love in your heart.
Load all action with Pure Love.
Cultivate the Vishwaprem, the Cosmic Love, which envelops everything and includes everything.
Love is the most immediate path to the Truth or the Kingdom of God.
Love is the golden cord that joins heart with heart, mind and soul with soul.
Love is a mysterious Divine glue that unites all hearts.
Love your own Immortal Being.
You'll be happy forever.
Love is the highest expression of the strength of the soul.
Where there is Love there is peace and where there is peace there is joy.
Get to work and spread this Gospel of Cosmic Love throughout the world.

It gives

Gives always; from this you will get great joy, strength and happiness.
It gives a lot; you will enjoy peace and prosperity, you will attain purity of heart.
Give with joy, quickly and without hesitation.
Do charity in silence, don't divulge it.
True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thinking about reward.
So give,

It purifies

The mind must be purified through the practice of virtues, self-control, and devotion to God.
The purity of the mind indicates serenity, joy and concentration, victory over the senses and being prepared for the realization of God.
Purify your life from all enmity, impurity, hatred, lust,
fill her with love, kindness, peace and purity.
Spiritual progress is not possible without purity.


Meditation is the only way to attain immortality and eternal bliss.
Meditation destroys all causes of suffering and pain.
Regular meditation allows you to obtain a calm and still mind and opens the paths of intuitive knowledge.
When you enter the silence through deep meditation, you will enjoy the Supreme Peace.
Don't waste a minute.
Meditation eliminates all the miseries of life.
Meditate regularly
and you will achieve self-realization.

Make you

Don't live to satisfy your palate and your senses,
live to realize your inner Self.
The goal of life is to realize God.
You will get it through japa, kirtan, satsanga and meditation.
Get out of here and get free.

Enough of this earthly life,
enough of this life of passion on this earthly plane.
You've spent your life, energy and time on getting material riches, power, name, and fame.
All your efforts have been in vain.
All your riches are nothing compared to the inexhaustible wealth of the Atman, the soul, the spiritual wealth.
Look inside you, observe the Supreme Being and be free.
Atman, Brahman is the Supreme Being, it is the hidden treasure,
it's an incalculable pearl of incalculable value,
it's the jewel of jewellery,
it's the gem of gems,
is the everlasting and inexhaustible wealth.
Brahman is beyond the word, causality time,
it's unlimited,
it's peace of mind,
shines equally on all bodies.
It can't be something particular,
it's pure Consciousness,
is Sat-Chit-Ananda.

The nature of Brahman and Atman is freedom and perfection.
Imagine yourself without worries,
identify yourself with the Supreme Peace.
Eternal bliss in your immortal soul
Try to attain immortality through devotion, meditation, purity, japa, service, prayer, and search.
All worries and misery will come to an end.
He leads a divine life and connects with the Supreme Being.

Swami Sivananda

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