3rd Festival of Yoga Ciutat de Castelló

This is the program of the Festival, which starts on Friday, August 7 and ends Sunday 9, with the sponsorship of the city of Castellón City Council.


Zone A

Friday, August 7
11:00 pm: opening and presentation of the festival run by the Patronato Municipal de Turismo and collaborators
11:15 h: lecture of yoga and pelvic floor by Gobinde Yoga Valencia
13: 00 h: Celestial communication (active meditation), by Ana Otero
14:00 h: rest
15:30 h: Cantos medicine (Hannuk album light of love), by Celia Masfar
16:30 h: Iyengar Yoga
18:00 h: lecture and class master of Kundalini yoga (live your dream, music and voice of mine Petersson and Shir Singh, Barcelona, Imagine Academy), by master Hargobin Singh (teacher and trainer of yoga from the Imagine Academy, Barcelona Centre)
20:15 h: concert with Sara Ledesma, singer-songwriter, and Gerard Peraire violoncello (a singular proposal of two young musicians of Castellón)
21:15 h: rest
22:00 h: Kundalini Dance (the union of dance movement therapy and philosophy of yoga, sacred sounds (mantras), respiration and healing, by Ana Otero (psychotherapist in movement, female ancestral healing therapies and yoga teacher))
23:30 h: Farewell

Saturday, August 8
07:00 pm: Beach: Sadhana Kundalini Yoga (live music and meditation with mantras), by Mina Petersson and Shir Singh (Centre Imagine Academy, Barcelona)
10:00 h: Beach: oriental dance by Annelise Bello Da Veiga (Annelise, Castellón Dance Center)
10:00 h: field: stretches muscle chains, by Jorge Ramón Gomariz (therapist of gymnastics holistic author of the book "Muscle chains stretch", centre point of support, Castellón)
12:00 h: field: Astanga Yoga, by Cosmin Lancu (Center Living Yoga, Valencia)
13:30 h: field: relaxing concert sound, by Bhagatjot Singh (Professor of yoga and ancient sound, Zaragoza)
14:00 h: rest. We take this opportunity to visit the different stands of the festival: artisan market, ovalactovegetariana and vegan cuisine zone, manual therapy area and bar of the site.
15:30 h: field: Yoga Nidra by Mila Pérez García (yoga teacher Center Butterfly Lily, Castellón)
16:30 h: field: music live overflowing naturally, by Lisa Debon (singer-songwriter in Abueni, Castellón)
17:30 h: Kundalini Yoga
Live music with Group Adama, by Angela Pardo (teacher of yoga, Numad Yoga Centre, Castellón)
19:00 h: field: Gong bath, by Bhagatjot Singh (Professor of yoga and ancient sound, Zaragoza)
19:00 h: Beach: meditation, by Julius Muwabuki (a degree in general science, international master for the peace of the European Peace University)
20:15 h: campo:yoga of laughter, by Tomás Ribes Rosner (Professor of Integral Yoga, Valencia)
21:30 pm: break
22:30 h: field: concert group Adama music and mantras of the world group Adama
23: 30 h farewell:

Zone B

Saturday, August 8
10:00 pm: Tai Chi for beginners, introduction to the ChiKung, by José María Belomonte (Poly)
19:00 exhibition and Master Tai Chi Class, by Jose Maria Belmonte (Poly)

Sunday, September 9
10:00 pm: Tai Chi (traditional Chen), by Javi Adsuara

Zone C

Friday, August 7
18:30 h: metamorphic Technical Conference, by Marina Vidal (holistic therapist)
20:00 h: strategy for the education of the child, Simoneta letter (founder and Director of the school of talent Castellón)

Saturday, August 8
10:00 h: Sat Nam Rasayan
An ancient technique of meditation "Relaxation in the true essence", a system of healing, whose only instrument is the meditative mind Chiki (teacher of yoga, teacher and technology trainer Sat Nam Rasayan)
12:15 pm: the emotional origin of the disease, by Vicent Guillem
13:30 h: Orthomolecular nutrition. Mind and meditation, by Antonio Martí (doctor, Castellón)
16:00 pm: family constellations from the perspective of Hellinger and Dr. Hamer Selene Hidalgo (biodescodificadora transpersonal therapist)
17:30 h: dance for pregnant women with postural correction, by Anelisse
18: 30 h: Milfunnes (experiences of mindfulness), by Rufino Pérez Miguel (graduate personal development specialist)
20:00 h: body functional re-education RCF, a bridge to health, by Raúl Castellano (physiotherapist)

Sunday, August 9
10:00 h: Yoga for pregnancy and childbirth aware (explanation and practice), Minerva salts (yoga teacher)
11:30 pm: Conference Bioneuromocion, by Oriol de las Heras
12:30 pm: theoretical-practical workshop: the consciousness of unity heart Chakra, by Ruth G. B. (holistic therapist)

Zone d: activities for children

Saturday, August 8
10-11 h: "the world is good"
Art for kids aged 4 to 7, by Carmen Palomares and Isabel Andreu
11 to 12 h: "Dancing with the Earth", by Ana Otero
12-13 h: "I'll tell you a story and you do yoga," by Tere Puig
"The world is beautiful," art for children aged 8 to 14, by Carmen Palomares and Isabel Andreu
17 to 18 h: "would like to make ecological bread? Get to know different types of flour", by Forn del Parral
18 to 17 h; "Famiyoguis, educational yoga for families" (all ages), by Isabel Blasco and Susana Grifo

Sunday, August 9
10-11 h: "Frogs attentive and quiet", by Valentin Sanmateo Trilles
11 to 12 h: "Human Mandalas" (parents and children), by Mauri Goths
12-13 h: "educational yoga for families Famiyoguis" (all ages), by Isabel Blasco and Susana Grifo

Workshops (shall consult timetables at the entrance)

Workshop Mandalas
Face painting
Nice to meet me workshop
Painted bellies (for pregnant women)
Juggling workshop
Collaboration:-"Amor en Acció pel Mon" Ong Burriana
-Noves Sendes Fundació civic

We will have an area equipped for children and their families.

More information: http://bibliotecavirtual.castellonturismo.com/publication/fdfee28a/

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