7 amazing benefits of meditation

Well you're a habitual practitioner or you've recently discovered meditation, this article will increase your desire to keep practicing, the seven benefits you will discover here are really amazing. Beatriz Recio writes.


1 increase the concentration
Given that during meditation, we practice to focus our attention and be aware of the moment in which we lose concentration, this really improves our ability to care also when we are not meditating. This is a lasting effect product of a regular practice of meditation.

2. it reduces anxiety
It has been proven that when it meditates reduces certain neural connections that are related to the experience of fear, anguish, anxiety, phobia... In this way, the more he meditates, more anxiety is reduced, since the neural connections that produce this sensation, are vanishing while you meditate. Surprising, right?

This process also helps to not be taken as personal situations and to experience them more rational and less automatically. Thus, for example, if you experience pain, can focus on that pain and not to imagine a history of all the bad things that pain could trigger you or give you turns and turns to the possible cause of the pain. The brain is not stuck in negativism and fear.

3 it increases creativity
As a writer this theme is always of interest to me. You ever happened that even though you try to be creative and come up with brilliant ideas, folio remains blank and you are not able to capture anything? Quiet, because meditation can help you to be more creative. Researchers from the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands, studied people who practiced meditation open (i.e., mind is not fully focused on something), and saw that they were far more capable of having new ideas after meditating.

4. you again more compassionate
Meditation has proven to be able to increase empathy and compassion of those who practice it regularly. One of the reasons for this comes from the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes emotional stimuli. During meditation, this part of the brain (usually showing a low activity), was exceptionally sensitive when participants were images of people.

Another study conducted in 2008 found that people who regularly meditating had levels of activation in the regions of the brain associated with empathy to hear sounds of people suffering, stronger than those not contemplated.

5 power memory
One of the things that meditation improves quickly, is the memory. Catalina Kerr, a researcher at the Martinos Center for biomedical image and the Osher Research Center, found that people who practiced mindful meditation were able to escape the distractions of the computer screen and increase productivity more quickly than those who not mediating. Catalina said that this ability to ignore distractions could explain "greater ability to remember and to incorporate new data quickly." It is precisely this ability to incorporate new data quickly which characterizes managers, innovators, researchers and other successful people at the professional level.

6 reduces stress
Meditation has been shown to help people who work under pressure to stress less. A study carried out in 2012 divided a group of Directors of human resources in three groups: one-third participated in a conscious meditation training, another third made a physical relaxation training and the last third did no training at all. It was subjected to a test stressful multi-tasking all managers and after eight weeks of experiment was how the meditators had been those who had less stressed.

7 protect the grey matter of the brain
Apart from relaxing effect that produce the silence and tranquillity, meditation could slow down the loss of gray matter (the tissue that contains the neurons and runs almost all of the conscious thoughts) related to age, according to researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, United States.

In the study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, the researchers used high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brains of 50 people who had thought for years and 50 who did not. Although both groups showed a loss of gray matter as they aged, it was discovered that the volume of gray matter in the brain of people who contemplated did not diminish much in comparison with those who performed it not.

Do you know about these benefits?, what other improvements have you noticed since you practice meditation in it? Although you just meditate for 10 minutes every day, benefits will appear and gradually be able to meditate for a longer time and live a more conscious, full and balanced way.

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