International Yoga day: the official acts in Madrid

We have been in contact with Mayte Criado, Vice President of the Spanish Federation of entities forming of Yoga (FEDEFY) and Director of the international school of Yoga, so tell us about official acts that are being organized in commemoration of the international day of Yoga in Madrid on 21 June.


How he already had Yoga network come on, a large group of representatives of associations and yoga schools are working with the Embassy of India to celebrate the official acts of the international Yoga day in Madrid. Mayte Criado, as a representative of FEDEFY and the international school of Yoga, you are taking an active part in these preparations, and he has provided kindly to inform us.

MayteCriadoWhat is the meaning of the international day of Yoga? What extent can have?
The India Government has made official the name of the international day of Yoga. On the one hand, very interested in the India authorities make known to the ancient legacy of Yoga, being really world heritage site, has its origin in India. On the other hand, the international day of Yoga also has a very special celebration for peace.

Although in the world there are so many ways that they say to practice the path of yoga, so many styles of hatha yoga, so many people proposing many types - some called "pseudoyogas" - yoga, in the essence of the word Yoga There is something that is never going to delete and actually serves as a link between all the proposals of the world. It is this message of peace and unity transmitting Yoga, even through practices and proposals sometimes very different but that perhaps, at its core, still harboring the essence of peace and unity.

As practitioners, with what spirit do that we need to tackle this day?
I think that the international day of Yoga is a date to celebrate and commemorate that part of the human encounter with itself. This reminds it Yoga, which has been integrated in every society and in every country has come that - now it seems 90% of the planet- and always through means conciliators and peaceful. I have the feeling that the international day of Yoga can serve to remind us that all we can celebrate that essence, with its peculiarities, with their more or less contentious proposals, to finally find ourselves as human beings in that energy and transcendence that gives us unity.

What official program is being organized, so that anyone who wants to can participate?
The Embassy of India, which has its headquarters in Madrid, has organized a rally on Sunday, June 21 in Madrid's plaza de Colon. To prepare for this event, we have helped some associations and schools. It will start at 10 in the morning and will inaugurate it the India Ambassador and the Madrid City Council authorities, perhaps even counted with the presence of a representative of the Royal House.

The India Government has published, for all over the world and in all languages, a DVD with yoga postures and some exercises that refer to the part of the yoga that has to do with the body. It will distribute in Madrid and all of the city is where celebrated the international day of Yoga. This DVD will be screened in Madrid, in plaza de Colón, and associations and schools which we are collaborating in this event will practice it with the wizards. Each school will have its area and its teachers to practice this part of the proposal, which comes directly from the India. Then there will be a time for schools which we share with attendees more specific custom or proposed practices - and also operated information booths throughout the morning.

In the afternoon it is planned, in the Center culture Buenavista in Madrid, offering presentations and round tables.
The next day, Monday, many schools will organise their own activities in celebration of the DIY. The international school of Yoga, specifically, organized an open day in which there will be free classes, lectures, activities yogic, and everyone is invited to enjoy it.

What would you suggest that they can do the centers and schools that want to join in the celebrations?
We know of other cities that they are joining to organize events on any square, garden or park that day. I take this opportunity to say that the Embassy of India has published material (DVDs, posters, brochures...) to put it at the disposal of all schools or associations. Can be ordered to the own Embassy of India or the international school of Yoga), putting on the topic "International day of Yoga"), and we are channeling it to the Embassy.

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