Poems of SW. Sivananda / preliminary spiritual experiences

Life is more poetry than prose, Swami Sivananda used to say. Throughout his life he showed a good taste of his yogi experiences in the form of poems. With a direct and simple language he shared his way of living Yoga in a state of pure experience. This is a selection of poems by one of India's great universal teachers presented by the Sivananda Yoga Center.


Preliminary spiritual experiences


More and more detachment and discernment.

More and more fervent longing for liberation.

Peace, joy, contentment,

courage, mindfulness of full calm,

shine in the eyes, good body odor.

Beautiful complexion, sweetness, powerful voice,

wonderful health, spirit, vigour and vitality,

freedom of disease, laziness and depression,

light body, alert mind,

powerful digestive fire (Jatharagni),

longing to sit and meditate for a long time,

aversion to talks and worldly company,

feeling the Presence of God everywhere.

Love for all creatures,

to feel that all forms are of the Lord,

that the world is the Lord Himself.

Absence of Ghrina (disgust towards any creature)

even for those who despise and insult you.

Mental strength to endure insult and offense

and to face dangers and calamities.

These are some of the preliminary spiritual experiences,

indicating that one moves forward,

on the spiritual path.


White light balloons, colored lights,

suns, stars during meditation,

divine aroma, divine taste,

vision of the Lord during sleep,

extraordinary, superhuman experiences,

vision of the Lord in human form,

like a Brahmin,

like an old man,

like a leper,

like an untouchable with rags.

Talk to the Lord,

preliminary spiritual experiences.

Then comes the cosmic consciousness or Savikalpa Samadhi,

The ones Arjuna experienced.

Finally the wannabe enters the Nirvikalpa Samadhi,

where there is no one who sees, nor what is seen.

Where nothing is seen, not heard.

There you become one with the Eternal.

Swami Sivananda

You can find more poems in Autobiography of Swami Sivananda-Editorial Argentine Bookshop

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