Poems of SW. Sivananda / to the linens of the new life

Life is more poetry than prose, Swami Sivananda used to say. Throughout his life he showed a good taste of his yogi experiences in the form of poems. With a direct and simple language he shared his way of living Yoga in a state of pure experience. This is a selection of poems by one of India's great universal teachers presented by the Sivananda Yoga Center.


I was tired of this illusory life of sensory pleasures,

I got to get pretty upset about this corporal prison.

I participated in Satsanga with Mahatmas

and I drank his instructions as a nectar.

I crossed the terrible forest of love and hate.

I got a long way from the world,

beyond good and evil.

I came to the frontier of great silence

and I captured the splendor of the Inner Soul.

Now all my sorrows are over,

my heart is full of joy,

and peace has entered my soul.

Suddenly I was elevated out of my life,

then a new life dawned.

I experienced the Inner World of Reality,

the Invisible filled my soul and my head.

I was bathed by an ineffable flow of glare,

I saw the Lord after all the names and forms

and I realized that I am the Light.

Swami Sivananda

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By • 13 Apr, 2015 • section: Great masters