He finds peace in the present moment

Current life runs at high speed for most of people. This makes that we can find ourselves immersed in a spiral of chores, obligations, future aspirations and past memories. This rhythm of life we can move from the present moment of peace to be able to live in the here and the now, the balance physical and mental and, in the end, we can move from health.

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The wise men from the East have always compared our mind, this stream of images, thoughts, emotions, feelings and hopes, with a monkey. If we put a monkey in a room full of windows, the monkey will jump from a window to another without stopping. They also compared the human mind with a wild horse that needs to train and tame if we want to make good use of it.

The truth is that the mind can be our greatest friend or our worst enemy and only through proper training we can get to Taming the wild horse of the mind. Provide attention intentionally to the present moment without judging it, allows us to learn to relate in a direct way with what is happening in our lives, here and now, in the present moment.

It is a form of be aware of our reality, giving us the opportunity of Working consciously with our stress, pain, illness, loss or our life's challenges. In contrast, a life in which we don't care, that we are more concerned by what happened or what still has not occurred, leads to neglect, to oblivion, isolation and, normally, the suffering.

The antidote: meditation

Everyone can benefit from meditation and, little by little, this is integrating in the lifestyle of millions of people of all nationalities, social conditions and beliefs. This is because the world needs to hear inside to be able to act externally.

Work and live from the inner calm is the best gift that you can have. Meditation and Mindfulness are revolutionizing many areas: from education to the psychiatric hospitals and prisons.

In United States more than one hundred schools incorporate meditation into their classrooms. "Studies show that meditation helps to concentrate, to avoid fights and even solving syndromes such as the hyperactivity", says Shauna Shapira, Professor at the University of California.

According to the Association of American medical colleges, Burnout or syndrome of being burned affects approximately 60% of the doctors. This rate is alarming, both the health of doctors and patients, since these will not be treated with patience, understanding and effectiveness that corresponds. Fortunately, recent studies have found that Mindfulness prevents wear and increases compassion among physicians, What can improve the doctor-patient relationship. In several hospitals, as in the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, has been running a programme to assist doctors and nurses when they present cases of spiritual stress and Burnout, especially after the death of a patient. This program makes available to health personnel technical holistic wellness as yoga, meditation or massage therapy.

Meditation is an activity practiced by millions of people around the world. Through it, practitioners see reduced the flow of thoughts, memories and emotions during the practice, allowing you to enjoy greater peace of mind, serenity and emotional balance. Have a clear-minded and fair It helps us to make more wise decisions in life, that distances us from suffering and brings us closer to ourselves, to our true I.

Beatriz Recio He is certified international teacher of Yoga and meditation. It has over 13 years of experience. She is the author of several books, including Mindfulness and meditation. The path of happiness and inner peace. She is the Director of Sereniam www.sereniam.com

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