Dinfunde the international day of Yoga!

This is a call to all those who feel, have been or are curious to feel through Yoga. It is a sincere and transparent initiative that encourages stakeholders to gather us all together on June 21, on the summer solstice, and celebrate the international day of Yoga.


Let's make a International Yoga day full of vitality, full of shining light, joy and optimism... and Unit.

This proposal is the result of some people who don't want to role, and Yoga network echoes of it.

Since some time now, in the villages and in the cities of many countries of the world, coworkers, neighbors, friends and family gather for practicing Yoga in public spaces; in a place with a roof or air free, in the warm sand of the beach or the fresh grass of the Park; amicably together, breathing the spirit of Yoga, YUG, It refers to the union of body, mind and spirit; celebrating the miracle of being alive, United in this universe.

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modiexpressed their great joy at resolution, supported enthusiastically by 170 States members of the United Nations to declare the day June 21 as the international day of Yoga.

El yoga embodies the harmony between mind and body, the reflective action and satisfaction; the harmony between man and nature; holistic health and welfare approach. Yoga is not so much physical exercise, as well as Discover the deep meaning of the link between self, the world that surrounds us and nature.¨ Narendra Modi. (2014).

Shri Asoke Mukherji, Permanent Representative of India at the United Nations, said that ¨ (resolution) recognizes that Yoga provides a holistic health and welfare approach and the greater diffusion of its positive effects, more benefit to the world. ¨

This initiative of the international day of the Spain Yoga aims to mobilize people of all places to create multiple meeting points throughout the territory, regardless of age, religion, sexual orientation, physical condition or provenance.

We want to highlight the power of Yoga as engine approach, as a tool enabling the understanding between different people, as an instrument that facilitates the seamless peer. Practice Yoga together creates a force that is healthy and loving opening that goes far beyond any religion, which defines the deep meaning of the humanitarian spirit that reminds us that in the end, we really are one.

From the heart we want to share, to learn, to grow, to enjoy, and above all feel through the magic of yoga. On the summer solstice, June 21, each person may deliver its small grain of sand in this Act of communion, away from political or economic interests and in favor of harmony and peace.

If you want to be part of this Act of communion there where you live, planting your seed sharing this information with your friends and acquaintances, get in touch with any school or yoga Center, speak with your local Council, the message spread through social networks, get this feeling of union through Yoga reaches many more people better and there will be born and taking shape, we are sure, will take place on June 21 in Spain and around the world.

Signed: Ax

Together we add more!

We encourage you to organize activities and events to Yoga may be better known, respected and more people can benefit from it. Send us information about all the activities that you owe and will publish them in Yoga network and beautiful page of the International Yoga day Some people have wanted to create explicitly for this purpose but not wanting to have any prominence: https://diainternacionalyogaespana.wordpress.com/

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