What is the Maternal carnatic singing rhythmic

The Maternal carnatic singing rhythmic is a traditional song from the South of India, introduced in Europe at the beginning of the 1960s by the French obstetrician Frédérick Leboyer, pioneer in respected childbirth, after an era in which the modernization of this delicate and important time was booming.

Pregnancy canto

On a trip to the South of India, Leboyer It was observed how pregnant women gathered to meditate. This meditation had the peculiarity of being sung. A song with a certain intonation and repetition. Decided to investigate on it.

The Canto Maternal carnatic rhythmic is practice preferably from the first trimester of the pregnancy, accompanied by our breathing abdominal and allowing that our throat and mouth, so connected with our pelvis and the channel of the childbirth, vagina and perineum, are relaxed.

The vibration of the sounds emitted is extends in the interior of our body, opening and massaging spaces, developing to the future MOM a greater awareness body, as required both in the pregnancy as in the delivery, although this practice has also its benefits in the postpartum.

Singing makes secrete endorphins to our body, so it becomes a fundamental tool, since it is a analgesic natural. To your time, when is practiced, as an excellent technical of meditation that is, us allows access to layers deep of our be and connect with a State inside deep and indefinable.

The Maternal carnatic singing rhythmic is a practice designed to be sung regularly and if possible in group, where the fusion of vibrant voices accompany and envelop all participants. Although is can practice in solo and also in the moment of the delivery, where would be advisable that us will accompany doing it, doing so that travel miraculous and sound, of movement, vibration and life.

In short, the Canto Maternal carnatic rhythmic is a technical simple and very powerful, which just taste the ones few minutes to understand it and embrace it with love, since is full of it.

Feli Garcia is Professor of yoga and doula, and taught a workshop of Canto Maternal carnatic rhythmic in the center of the Association of Yoga "silence inside" in the Escorial the next Saturday, 31 of January.

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