Weekend agenda to start the year

If you have hosted as a purpose for 2015 to continue cultivating your spiritual life, body and mind, here is this first agenda of the year with proposals for the weekend. You know that this appointment will be repeated every Thursday, in order to connect the offer of activities and events of yoga, meditation and personal growth of weekend, with the people who want to enjoy them.

agenda plans

Friday, January 9

Yoga Workshop: Learn how to do yoga at home

Basic positions What will we do?

  • Heating: – Exercises to awaken the most important areas of the body, which will then work on the postures to be performed.
  • Basic Yoga Postures: – Explanation: Body Stakeholders, Benefits and Sample – Practical Execution of Students – Maintenance in Static Posture from Consciousness – Undo Posture
  • Guided Relaxation - Deeply relax the body parts worked during practice

Who is it addressed to?

  • People who want to approach yoga for the first time.
  • People who practice yoga and want to deepen their day to day at home.
  • People who want to do yoga but can't for incompatible hours.
  • And all those people who want to have a table of asanas to deepen consciousness and meditation in each posture, while stretching, toning and strengthening the body and calming the mind.

Contribution: 15th .

Reservations: info@ladiosabastet.es / T 911537021

Where: C/ del Falcon, 36-38, Carabanchel Metro, Madrid

More information: http://www.ladiosabastet.es/

Course breathing and relaxation

We will learn to breathe properly, practicing diaphragmatic breathing, first step to relax... The quality of breathing depends on the quality of life.

Where: C/Alberto Aguilera, 5, 2nd dcha. Madrid

More information: http://www.aquaaura-madrid.es/

Concert Music Therapy

Music to relax and meditate. Sounds of ancestral instruments and songs. A journey through the elements of life.

Where: Tree of Life Center. C/Alcalá, 302. Madrid.

More information: http://www.ariadnasonidosdeluniverso.blogspot.com.es/

Saturday, January 10

First TRYER Seminar (Relaxation, Yoga and Education Techniques)

January 10 and 11, 2015. This is the first seminar of the three to consist of the TRYE training.

Contents: The first seminar will explore various relaxation methods currently used and deepen the practice of Yoga nidra (awake sleep yoga) an ancestral relaxation method that has been adapted to the contemporary context and integrates the latest developments in psychological and neurophysiological research. We will delve into the first phases of this technique at the theoretical and practical level so that the participant can take ownership of the technique and can be applied at a personal level or in the educational field.

Taught: Elizabeth Werlen (trainer of TRYE Australia)

Schedule: Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00h and from 15.30A 18.30 . Sunday from 10 to 2 p.m.

Place: Anahata Yoga Center. C/ Espanya 20. 08901 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona

Price: 140 euros. Reduced rate if you enroll for all training

More information: http://rye-yoga-educacion.es/

Anusara Yoga Dive with Gisela Vázquez

An immersion is a 100-hour course in which you learn in detail the most important elements of philosophy and technique of the Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga. It is a yoga based on the solid awareness that the heart, the essence of everything that exists, is full of power and is deeply auspicious. Completing a full Dive is a requirement for all those students who want to access an Anusara Yoga teacher training.

Anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice and apply inspiring teachings in their daily life, honoring the body, mind and soul, is welcome to an Immersion, regardless of whether or not they want to train as a yoga teacher.

Taught: Gisela Vazquez

Dates: January 10-11 / February 7-8 / March 14-15 / April 11-12 / May 16-17 / June 13-14 / July 18-19 / September 5 and 6

Schedules: Saturday from 10 to 13:30 and from 15 to 18:30 / Sunday from 9 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 15:30.

Contact: yoga.oiartzun@gmail.com / 606581535 – 943289138

Where: Astigarragako Bidea No. 2, 4th Local Dcha. 1, 20180 Oiartzun – Gipuzkoa

More information: http://www.yoga-oiartzun.com/

Sat Nam Rasayan Training

Sat Nam Rasayan means, in Sanskrit, ultra-deep relaxation in true identity. It mentions a way of healing whose only instrument is a meditative state of consciousness that we call shunya or simply "space." This space is characterized by its neutrality, silence and transcendence. It is neutral because the healer contemplates his own sensations without describing or interpreting them; does not identify with your thoughts or react to your perceptions.

It is silent because the whole universe appears without form or distance, undifferentiated and inseparable from the sensations of oneself. And it is transcendent because the healer, by allowing his sensations, allows and transforms the universe. In Sat Nam Rasayan we use meditation to relate to something: this quality makes it a unique and pioneering teaching. Many schools teach meditation, but very few to relate through meditation.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a yogi technique of meditation and healing at the same time. From meditation he obtains his ability to sustain silent and undifferentiated consciousness. From healing, he inherits the ability to recognize the universe within the meditative space.

Where: Gobinde Yoga. C/Pintor Salvador Abril, 31. Ruzafa - Valencia

More information: http://gobinde.com/formaciones/sat-nam-rasayan/

II Therapeutic Yoga Day

Second of the days dedicated exclusively to training in Therapeutic Yoga with intensive classes all day. We'll treat the spine. Practices and applications.

Organizes: Alma Social T 639834650

Where: Huerta Carmela. Puertollano Road, 6. Royal City.

Teach pregnant women Yoga

This course is aimed at those Yoga professionals who want to expand their knowledge and direct their attention to pregnant women.

Therapeutic benefits are proven, but the approach of training and exercises must be attuned to specific needs.
The course provides the participant with multiple tools to help the participant understand how to begin a teaching dedicated to guiding mothers-to-be in a good practice that they will be able to enjoy throughout their gestation.

Link to the workshop: http://www.yogacentersc.es/paginas/223-yoga-para-embarazadas

Contact: 91 575 1913 / info@yogacenter.es

Where: Yoga Center Madrid (6, under 4, Madrid)

More information: http://www.yogacentersc.es/

Yoga Center Pilates Instructor (1st Part)

Where: Yoga Center Madrid (6, under 4, Madrid)

This 200-hour Yoga Center Pilates Instructors course is divided into two parts each of 100 hours.

It is aimed at those who are looking forward to catching up on the latest guidelines applicable to the development of the exercises and their relationship to the progress of the students.

This course is designed to know how to accurately lead a Pilates class, expanding knowledge to become a true Pilates professional.

Link to the workshop: http://www.yogacentersc.es/paginas/209-curso-de-formacion-de-instructor-de-yoga-pilates

Contact: 91 575 1913 / info@yogacenter.es

Where: Yoga Center Madrid (6, under 4, Madrid)

More information: http://www.yogacentersc.es/

Introduction to Mindfulness

This course is a short introduction to mindfulness for beginners, lasting two hours. The practice of 'mindfulness', or 'mindfulness', leads us to experience reality at all times. Thus, it helps us to fully enjoy our lives.

Link to the workshop: http://www.yogacentersc.es/eventos/231-introduccion-a-mindfulness

Contact: 91 575 1913 / info@yogacenter.es

Where: Yoga Center Madrid (6, under 4, Madrid)

More information: http://www.yogacentersc.es/

Sunday, January 11

Amma's presentation in Madrid

If you are in Madrid next Sunday and you want a very special proposal to start the New Year with strength and energy, we propose an appointment with the figure of Amma. What exactly is the extensive humanitarian work that Amma has inspired around the world? What are the key teachings of this great teacher? How to put them into practice on a day-to-day basis? What do you advise us to do to live happier?

We will talk about all this and much more, next Sunday, January 11, at an event of presentation of the teachings and humanitarian work of Sri Amma Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma).

Schedule: 5:30 p.m.

Where: Centro Kardia, C/ María Auxiliadora, 5, Madrid

Contact: ammasevamadrid@gmail.com / T 618 71 52 78

Free admission

Yoga Shri Vivek and Meditation

To enjoy a light, stress-free body and a relaxed mind, we need to work in a complete way. Thanks to the techniques of Yoga Shri Vivek we will practice postures (asanas), breaths (pranayama) and concentration techniques. Thus we achieve a greater sensitivity in our body and concentration, necessary to enjoy more of our life.

You don't need to have experience in yoga, just want to relax to improve our physical and mental state.

Taught: Yogacharya Saraswati (Silvia Ojea)

Where: Prasad Center. Carrer Industry 96, enter. 1st. Barcelona

More information: http://centroprasad.com/

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