It elevates your asana with Unnata aerial Yoga

Forget about dramatic tricks and gymnastic pirouettes: Unnata aerial Yoga is the evolution of the yogic tradition. You'll find the authentic yoga with the support of a soft fabric hammock to refine and advance the traditional asanas in the air and on the ground.


Why fight against the force of gravity? The Yoga technique Unnata aerial® uses gravity to relax and re-align the body, focusing the mind and elevate the spirit.

You will experience major advance deeper into your sadhana, in your personal practice, taking consciousness of a different way of breathing, the body and the bandhas through relaxation of the body, the energy flow and the high presence.

Beginners learn fundamental practical postures and discovering at the same time how yoga makes their lives.

Aerial Yoga Unnata® is born of more than 20 years of experience of Michelle Dortignac in the teaching of yoga, meditation practice and aerial acrobatics. Michelle has trained hundreds of passionate and experienced teachers and yoga instructors to enjoy this technique in their classes. Now you can find classes, teachers, and aerial Yoga centres Unnata® around the world and possibly in a city near you. Authentic Yoga. Elevated.

What aerial Yoga Unnata®?

Aerial Yoga is a new way to fun and evolved from the traditional yoga practice. With the help of a hammock of aerial fabric anchored to the roof of the Hall will explore the asanas (yogic postures) traditional and new with the weight of your body partially or entirely in suspension. This will allow you to increase flexibility, the extent of movements, gain muscle strength and endurance, lighten the spinal load and relax the nervous system. Never more distance from a couple of spans of the soil, you will leave the body at the mercy of gravity, sustained in the hammock, and wake up to the enjoyment of yoga.

Aerial Yoga is the natural evolution of Hatha Yoga (physical yoga more widespread in the West style). BKS Iyengar Yoga teacher popularized the use of Accessories to facilitate the correct alignment of the body in the asanas, and for decades, Iyengar Yoga instructors have used ribbons and ropes anchored to the walls for ayudar students to delve into postures of yoga and practice positions reversed with greater security.

Now you can find dozens of styles and trademarks of aerial yoga proliferating around the world. Some styles focus on fitness, others in the circus acrobatics and in the show. In a kind of aerial Yoga Unnata® you will put in the form and you will have fun in the air but, much more importantly, you will experience authentic Yoga: the union of mind, body, breath, and intention.

Which brand do the difference?

In a kind of aerial Yoga Unnata® can...

  • Practice authentic Yoga high, not only tricks and stunts
  • Learn from experienced and well-trained teachers
  • Improve your understanding of the practice of asanas traditional
  • Perform more advanced postures
  • Reduce stress and find your Center
  • Have fun and consider challenges

Aerial Yoga Unnata® is a comprehensive discipline based on the yogic tradition, offering a challenge in the way to be complete: body, mind and spirit.

Aerial Yoga teachers Unnata® are teachers and experienced yoga instructors who have completed formal training to incorporate the hammock into their yoga classes. Each teacher has a formative journey and a style of yoga only, but all the teachers at air Yoga Unnata® have shown that they understand the principles of yoga and they can guide you safely during a kind of aerial yoga fun and transformative.

Aerial Yoga classes Unnata® are not limited to the practice of certain positions, they are taught the subtle differences between the why and the how these positions you benefit from physical, mental, energetic, emotionally and spiritually. Your asanas lift will take you to the fine presence of your Center; by aligning the body, calming the mind, deepening respiration and healing the nervous system.

In addition, aerial Yoga Unnata® is an opportunity to challenge your limits and enjoy and learn something new.

Who is for?

Aerial Yoga Unnata® is designed to suit all levels of experience. Experience in the practice of yoga, acrobatics or aerealismo is not required. Anyone with a normally healthy state of health can practice it.

The experienced yoga practitioner...

  • Perceived better details and distinctions between asanas, which will improve your traditional practice
  • Explore more deeply the flexibility and scope of movements, including the most comprehensive back extensions
  • Practice safer and tuned the reversed positions in the middle of the room?
  • Earn fine muscle control and strength
  • Develop your awareness of the subtle energy during the practice of asanas

The practitioner of yoga beginner...

  • Sets the body mechanics and correct postural alignment from the first day
  • It increases your sense of balance and the presence in space
  • It helps to heal minor injuries before return to the traditional practice of Yoga
  • Experience asanas less familiar with security and the hammock stand
  • It adds strength and flexibility while the hammock supports your weight
  • Understand the benefits of aerial Yoga Unnata®
  • Learn to work with the principles of gravity, accountability and support
  • It integrates a greater fluidity and grace in your movements
  • It will invigorate your daily practice with new knowledge and skills

If you love yoga, love Unnata aerial yoga! Respectful of tradition, in the training are only allowed people who already have a background in yoga, no matter the style, since we teach to adapt the fabric to your own and personal form to understand Yoga.

Next Spain Unnata aerial Yoga courses:

6 to December 14, 2014 in town Real, Spain

4 to 12 of July 2015 in Rishikesh, India

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