The FCI release: "How to obtain an official title of teacher of yoga"

The Federació Catalana de Yoga back us one of their releases with the title "getting a yoga teacher official title", shared with the readers of Yoga network.


Title official single Yoga one and is the "Certificate of professionalism in instruction in Yoga," which delivered the State employment services (SEPE) or regional employment services (such as the SOC in Catalonia). This degree only available after completing a course in a centre approved by the Government. Currently, only the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is offering a course that will allow the obtaining of such Professional certificate in Yoga instruction. The link is:

However, It is also possible to obtain an accreditation (which is not the certificate of professionalism in instruction in Yoga), equivalent to all the effects to that title, through the validation of professional experience, from training in ways not ruled. This second way allows that:

1.) If you are a yoga teacher and you can prove this legally, well because you have declared your activity as a self-employed worker or worker by an employee, intern or volunteer, for three years, in the past ten (2000 hours or 250 days worked), providing the report's working life.

2) If you've done any yoga Center training and that can present, along with the title, a certificate where it is clearly visible that in such training, the following matters have been given:

(2.1) a minimum of 150 hours in specific techniques of yoga.
(2.2) a minimum of 120 hours of programming of activities of yoga.
(2.3) a minimum of 120 hours of yoga instruction methodology.

You can complement these three modules with a module of 60 hours of first aid, generally offered to the participants of the accreditation process, if you have not already done a course with the duration. It is also convenient to accredit hours of practice.

Agencies training convened the accreditation process. In Catalonia the Departament d' Educació has called it, and is a process that consists of several parts:

1) call and schedule to present the documentation. You have to basically bring reports of working life, the degrees and certificates that allow rating that they have carried out all the hours corresponding to the indicated materials.

(2) informational meeting with an advisor who will help you to complete the necessary documentation of the process, which is basically a test of self assessment, where are you questions relating to such matters.

(3) an examination or assessment that will make you some questions aimed to demonstrate the competency in the indicated areas.

After this process has obtained a certificate Acreditat that is equivalent to all the effects to the professional certificate in Yoga. The problem of this process is that we must wait for that called it the public agency, which must have budget to be able to call it - for the moment, stating to us, he has called in Catalonia, and by what they tell us, next year seems again to convene.... Finally, we must go see.


Our advice is that if you want to be a qualified teacher and can not do the course at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and directly obtain the certificate of professionalism in instruction in Yoga, you do any training course from the many offered by the schools, but you sure that the course has the hours indicated and at the end certify you that you've done creditable materials. It is very important that you read the information of the courses offered by schools and ask before you sign very well.

Our advice to the schools of Yoga that training is that, if they can not approve his Center, which does not have the requirements required by the law, that fit their training hours and materials that will allow students to register, and alongside the title issued them an accreditation certificate, where you clearly specify the courses taken, hours and the period in which conducted the course. If the course is shorter than ever can notify the student that you will have to supplement their curriculum with other courses.

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