What is www.canalbienestar.com?

There are many new developments in the sector of well-being that people don't know or don't understand what are for. One of the missions of www.canalbienestar.com is to provide that information. In this portal you will find products and practical content to the integral well-being of the person, meaning welfare state of equilibrium between physical vitality and Mental serenity.

well-being channel

The families of products that work in canalbienestar.com to get that this objective are:

-Yoga: this is the strong point of canalbienestar.com. Here you will find all the items necessary for the practice of yoga.

  • Mats of all measurements, sizes, materials and colors... and covers to carry them.
  • Accessories: from non-slip socks without fingers, passing through limpia-esterillas lotas nasal, towels, belts...

Bricks, Bolsters and supports

-Meditation: this is the second strong point of canalbienestar.com

  • They offer a wide variety of cushions, chairs and benches of meditation
  • Also Accessories as bad, bowls, cups for tea... And variety of incense and blankets for yoga, relaxation and meditation.


-Sleep well

Therapies, as phototherapy, aromatherapy...


The environment of our homes)air purifiers, water filters, light, radiation etc.)

The families of practical content (propose 8 practices each week) are:

  1. Concentration mental relaxation
  2. Body relaxation
  3. Sleep better
  4. Breathing
  5. Display
  6. Stress management
  7. Increased mental capacity
  8. Exercise
  9. Ergonomics at work
  10. Nutrition
  11. Weight loss
  12. Anti-aging
  13. Constructive entertainment
  14. Personal development
  15. Learn how to organize
  16. Couples communication (non-sexual)
  17. Environment (light, air, water, electropolution etc)
  18. Masajes-Terapias
  19. Stop smoking

As you can see, it is a holistic view of the health of the human being.

The philosophy is to find and follow all international producers and the ultimate in practical contents, select it and offer it at the best price.

More information http://canalbienestar.com

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