Towards a new concept of training

The Association for the development and studies of the Yoga -Yoga Studies Institute-was born in the year 2008 of the hand of the writer orientalist Victor M. Flores, known by its name in the Renaissance magical Tibetan as Senge Dorje.


Convinced of that the model teaching traditional of training needed a change, this architect of the lines contemporary of the yoga, formed a equipment of work multidisciplinary composed by Thirteen teachers of different nationalities, coming from different lineages and bilingual within the world of the yoga psycho-physical, from the school of the master BKS Iyengar and Anusara Hatha Yoga School, Jivamukti, Yin Yang Yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow-through with the objective of that each an of them pilloried his own vision, language and forms of treat the body physical both in its static as in its dynamism, e involving to the student to design their own sequence of sadhana according to their criteria aesthetic, spiritual and pedagogical.

Of this mode your team is formed by an amalgam of nationalities and races, as the Swedish Petra Lindros, the North American Lori Sjollema and Christine Mc Ardle, the Danish Belinda Christensen, the Spanish Carola Polo, Mirenlu Guinea, Ana Belén Méndez and Patricia Sanagu or the Slovenian Zuzana Novotna. To complete those studies are incorporated to professional of others fields not traditional of the world yogic, as the choreographer Sylvia Shazadi or expert in Biomechanics Ana infants. Training is 100 hundred practice thanks to the design of the virtual platform Moodle, in which the student can enter to see and study the twelve volumes of classical Indian and Western philosophy, psychology, and other applied sciences, can contact different experts of these songs live, and thus facilitating a continuing practice of what later will be a live class with students of different levels.

These topics include studies of transverse rings of tension, the recruitment of secondary muscles or the application of gravitational forces combined studies of biomechanics with other sciences by its designer, M. Flores.

Rehabilitation of patients

But is perhaps the incorporation of them studies of rehabilitation of patients with dysfunctions derived of the stress, sclerosis multiple or pathologies own of the woman one of its major attractive, creating a new niche of professionals. This next training cycle will be enriched with power seminars crudi-Vegan by the hand of the master in this type of diet Ximena Gutierrez, the famed American University's Omega yoga teacher, who has opened a new training centre of the Institute in Managua (Nicaragua) creating an "air bridge" between the European and the American continent.

Another of the features of the formation is the creation of five scholarships per year for restricted economies, applying criteria of discount to applicants who can demonstrate found within parameters of economic and/or social inequality, as in the case of single-parent families, chronic unemployment, large family

Scholarship in Managua

Taking advantage of the opening of the center of training Latin American, the Institute has opened a scholarship of Yoga assistant to which eligible Alumni or students with a minimum of six months of training, that subsidizes by ecompleto accommodation and trip to the Nicaraguan capital to teach for a minimum period of six months in different centres and resorts who have hired their services. Also aims to create a sustainable social project based on yoga as a form of social intervention.

Over the years the Institute has certified to 500 teachers and taught courses in Madrid, Conil, Tarifa, Almería, Seville and Tenerife. Until this year, and because of its growth outside the Spanish borders, have settled permanently in Marbella as a unique Center of classes taught, currently being led by Belinda Christensen. The center of Managua will be directed by Ximena Gutierrez, with the forecast of opening in April of this year. M. flores moved to the Central American capital to boost their experiences with this model again style of teaching.

As the Institute is traditional for will begin their training in October, with the presentation of their team at an open day.

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