Kundalini Yoga according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga, also called Yoga of consciousness, consists of technical simple yogic which can be practiced all over the world.

Kundalini Madrid

Some of their effects positive will experience immediately. It keeps the body in shape and trains the mind to be strong and flexible allowing better cope with change and stress. There is an increase in the capacity of oxygen along with a blood flow to the glands, which gives as a result a lifting of consciousness and vitality. Peace in the mind can be achieved through breathing and meditation techniques.

Every beginner student participates at a pace that suits your flexibility and strength. Use whites, wide and comfortable, preferably cotton or other natural fiber is recommended. Is best practice without socks to help to stimulate the finishing energy of them feet. It should let pass between two or three hours from the last meal for the practice of yoga and meditation.

Each class of Kundalini Yoga begins intoning the mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. This mantra means: "I bow before her conscience creator infinite, and the divine master inside". This practice focuses and calm the mind to be open to be guided, besides invoke to the awareness of all them teachers of KY through them were for protect and guide the practice of yoga. To this is you called it Chain Golden.

Before singing, it recognizes your internal state. This will increase your self-awareness to observe the effects that will experience in your session of Kundalini Yoga. It is possible to observe changes in your thoughts and your body sensations with a simple exercise.


Prana means life force, Yama is that that it controls. When you control your breathing you can control your life – as when to calm someone using the phrase "relax and take a deep breath"-. Our lungs are the organ more large of the body, but many people uses only a tenth part of their capacity pulmonary.

The long deep breathing builds strength and patience.

Breathing through the nose filters the air, heats it and moisturized.

The breath of fire is a balanced and fast breathing pattern that cleans the blood and release toxins in the lungs, mucous membranes, veins and other cells. It is a breath which gives energy, focuses your mind, and expands lung capacity in a fast way.


Mantras are sounds or words to control the mind. Man mean mind. TRA(NG) are those movements or waves mental. Mantra is a wave, a repetition of sound and rhythm that directs or controls the mind. When you recite a mantra you get an impact by their meaning, their energy pattern, their pace, and through the reflex points pressing inside the mouth. When reciting correctly, the mantra activated areas of the brain and the nervous system and will allow to experience their meaning or the ability of energy associated with it.


We translate Asana as position. We know the Kundalini Yoga as the Yoga of angles and triangles. The use of angles in Kundalini Yoga in combination with mantras, pranayama and mudras (hand postures) is one of the main reasons why this practice works so quickly. The angles put pressure on the glands to secrete.

When relaxing posture and body remains still, glandular secretions that have been stimulated have a chance to circulate freely. The result is a balanced glandular system that has a positive effect on your emotional stability through your body's chemistry.


The ancient Yogis drew hands maps identifying the parts of the body and the brain associated with each area. Each area of the hand is also different emotions and behaviors. Curving, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers or fingertips in specific configurations. It is a yogic technique to communicate with the body and the mind.

Closing the class

Each kind of Kundalini Yoga ends with the song of the "eternal Sun" and the intonation of the mantra Sat Nam. This song of blessings and mantra help you take land, integrate the benefits of yoga and get ready to resume your day's activities.

"That the eternal Sun you illuminate, the love you surround and the light pure inside guide your path." Sat Nam"

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