Yoga and the planets

The human being as microcosm joined the great cosmos, must adapt to their environment to flow with the cosmos and thus live in harmony. Pretend otherwise, the World adapts to us, is a sign of ignorance and selfishness; Therefore, separation, conflicts, pain and suffering. Will see in this weekend in Begues (Barcelona) seminar, day 30, 31 May and 1 June. Writes Miquel Gabarró.


The word Yoga defined as an experience of "Unión" or merger, which involves a "good relationship" the things with which we want to join.
Every human being aspires to be happy, intends to live in harmony with himself and with his surroundings, with other beings, the world, the cosmos, life... Thanks to a "good relationship" is friendship, harmony, balance, stability, tranquility and happiness.

The aim of union with which we interact is with the Cosmos, the stars or planets.

We live in an ordered universe. There is a cosmic order, universal laws. The ancient traditions have called it: Tao, Rita, Dharma, Brahman, Shiva (as cosmic dance), the Natural order, truth, reality, Cosmos, Logos, God, etc.

The human being as microcosm joined the great cosmos, to live in harmony must adapt to its environment and flow with the cosmos. Pretend otherwise, the World adapts to us, is a sign of ignorance and selfishness; Therefore, separation, conflicts, pain and suffering.

The planets

We can define the planets as celestial bodies that give off a set of "forces or energy-consciousness". Astrology tells us of his influences. Astronomers detected electromagnetic vibration and sound that you come to the land of the movements of the planetary spheres.

Our universe is sound. The satellites and observatories for astronomy centers detected by devices the "music of the spheres", resonances and vibrations of the celestial bodies transported through space. Live vibration wrapped (electromagnetic and sound of different levels, ultrasound, laser...), cosmic forces, energies in its different modulations.

The seven major planets are manifested as seven levels of consciousness (with their attributes, qualities, defects, attitudes, forces...), seven moods, seven archetypes, seven types, etc.

The pace of the number seven It is one of the most important, considered as a magic number. So we have: seven planets, seven days a week, seven chakras, seven rays, seven metals, seven colors of the Rainbow, seven gems, seven wonders of the world, seven years (or Sevens)... God created the world in seven days...

There is a relationship between the days of the week and the planetary forces. The ancient Greco-Roman culture gave name to the seven planets greatest to relate them to their gods and myths. Seven days they arise by dividing the monthly lunar cycle in four.

The planetary forces can be seen as archetypes or impulses that underlie human behavior. They are considered detonators. Although the planets do not cause events, since they represent more than compulsions inclinations, If we push to certain behaviors.

The Cosmos affect us; in essence we are identical to it. The Cosmos is constantly manifesting through his forces in the dense terrestrial matter, on Earth, human, plant and animal kingdoms. The terrestrial dense matter is nothing more than a great vacuum occupied by fields of cosmic forces which is constantly transmutes matter into energy and vice versa (captured by modern physics phenomenon). Some of these forces are the Zodiac and the planetary.

We could not say what percentage the planetary forces affect us, but we do know that they are there, well present in our indoor and outdoor. Within us, as what we are (qualities, defects, potential, morphology...). Outside, in the climate, in the seasons of the year, I cycle daily, hourly...; In addition, we have good and bad days despite our good will...

The Cosmos is a set of "cosmic forces" that radiate toward the whole. When we refer to the planetary forces, it should be not assumed only to the physical forces of a planet; We understand that they are the spiritual forces that you act on all existing things and above all how "levels of consciousness or vibrational"energy-consciousness or conciencia-fuerza. Thus, we say that one has more Mars, another is more Lunar, etc.

These spiritual forces coming from the Cosmos to Earth is what allows the life. They reside in our subtle bodies and penetrate into matter in the physical body.

So, therefore, our true origin is spiritual, cosmic. We are a microcosm joined the great Cosmos. Inside us resides the universal forces: planets, stars, Sun, moon, the various elements, the vital breath, etc. And Yoga, is therefore an experience of union and integration with the Cosmos, with the whole.

The Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) considered the planets as instruments for the which operates the law of Karma. Nine planets (Graha) are considered: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn; and the two Moon's nodes (North and South) Rahu and Ketu.

Each planet has its corresponding vibration frequency, element, color, shape geometry, personality, character, with attractions and repulsions, friendships and enmities. Specifies each individual is formed by a combination of these planetary forces and, of this our Constitution, character and attractions will depend on kickbacks, conduct, personality...

The session of yoga in the weekly cycle: planet/day of the week

The practice of yoga for each day/planet looks into the relationship between Yoga and astrology. The seven major planets give name to the seven days of the week. Of this relationship - day and their planet - is a "weekly Sadhana" according to the nature of each planet.

We can experiment with the forces of the planet/day, perceive them, see how we feel. We can build the corresponding momentum planet/day when performing tasks and activities. We can live the energy of the day: at the session of yoga, in the attitudes, activities, food, rhythm, etc.

Cada día es un nuevo día, diferente, especial, siempre hay algo a celebrar. Podemos estar atentos para captarlo, sentir la energía del día, lo que nos ofrece o retiene, lo que es favorable y lo que no. Podemos utilizar el color del día, ingerir el cereal correspondiente, realizar la actividad física y psíquica más favorable de acorde al día, etc.

Esta práctica, es pues, una manera de ir actualizando las cualidades que ya disponemos como potencial, y de ir añadiendo las que nos faltan. Esto favorece la salud de nuestros dosha, de nuestra Prakriti, ya que a menudo tendemos a aumentar lo que ya poseemos.

The selfish attitude asks the environment adapts to us, and one is angry when unsuccessful change. The unselfishness, humility is the opposite; We who have to adapt. The cosmos, climate, seasons, weeks, days, etc., are as they are, may not change, but our attitudes and reactions Yes can be changed.

Miquel Gabarró He is Professor of yoga by the AEPY since the year 1986 and trainer of yoga teachers of the AEPY since 2003, Member of the educational Committee. Also teaches Qi gong and diploma in Manual therapy. Directs the Centre de Yoga L'om of Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona).

The seminar

  • When: 30, 31 May and 1 June
  • Where: Begues (Barcelona)
  • It addresses: Miquel Gabarró
  • More information: T 938900633 - 659980817
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