Thoughts of Sivananda: love

His master Swami Sivananda, Swami Visnudevananda said: "their thoughts are pure ambrosia". Each of the reflections that Swami Sivananda shared with the world remain in the ether. We only need to connect, tune through reading or attentive listening to receive the pristine strength of its silence, its hours of meditation. It is a collaboration of the Sivananda Center.


This world has arisen from love, exists in love and finally dissolved in it.

Love is the motivating force of the universe. Love is life, happiness and warmth.

It is a cord of gold which binds a heart to another.

To live is to love. To love is to live.

You live to learn to love. To learn how to live in eternal love.

There is no virtue greater than love.
There is no greater love than treasure.
There is no bigger than love knowledge.
There is no greater love than Dharma.
There is no religion bigger than love, as love is the truth.

Every particle of creation in love can be seen truly.
Love is the most immediate way towards the realization of the self.
It is the vital principle of creation.
It is the highest expression of the power of the soul.
Love was the driving force of the great sages of humanity.

Love is a magic wand in the hands of the Yogi, with which you can conquer the whole world.

Ten commandments to live the love

  1. Dry the tears of those who are afflicted
  2. It offers a cheerful smile
  3. Sign in with the lives
  4. He lives in peace with your friend and your enemy
  5. It serves
  6. AMA
  7. It gives
  8. It purifies
  9. Meditate
  10. Make you

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